Two Teams | One Mission

Serve Team

Our Serve Team is made up of Young Adults who are active in our ministry and sense a calling to serve their peers.

What we are looking for?

We are looking for Young Adults who are committed to not wasting their twenties and helping their peers do the same. We desire for the Serve Team to have an unwavering passion for the Gospel, community, and discipleship.  

What does the Serve Team do?

The Serve Team primarily serves at our Thursday gathering called The Collective. We have several different teams such as the setup, media, host, prayer, and connect team.

 Are there any expectations? 

Glad you asked! We don't want to be legalistic, but we also recognize the importance of unity and harmony when serving together. Plus, you deserve to know what we expect!

  • We expect our Serve Team to demonstrate a life (while remembering none of us our perfect) that brings glory and honor to the Father.
  • We expect our Serve Team to attend at least 75 percent of the Collective*
  • We expect our Serve Team to be involved in a Life Group 
  • We expect our Serve Team to be present and engaged at our trainings (2-3 times a year).
  • We expect our Serve Team to be the life of the party (:

If I am interested what is the next step? 

Fill out this form!

Serve Team Resources


Shepherd Team

Our Shepherd team is made up of adults just 'north' of their Young Adult days. Even though they aren't Young Adults they maintain a strong desire to invest and influence the emerging generation.

If you would like more info on joining our Shepherd Team please contact [email protected]