Lifelines Ministry exists to come alongside families of special needs children as they seek to raise their family to know the love Christ.

We want to partner with you and remind you…Jesus never meant for you to do life alone. We are in your boat and on your team. All of us need a helping hand at some point and Lifelines Ministry wants to assist you in several ways. No matter if LIFE is smooth sailing or if it is full of waves, we want to offer our support.



Primarily ages birth-5

For our Preschool children who need accommodations, we provide support for them in developmentally classrooms with caring teachers.


Primarily ages 5 to 13

Room 1202 (upstairs) | 9:30 or 11:00 AM

Parents may choose 9:30 or 11:00 to request a lifeguard for their child. If they desire for their child to stay an additional hour, their child can be a part of LIFE Outdoors, where they can participate in a small group environment Bible lesson and activity time. Another option we offer is to invite parents to participate with their child in their class time. KIDS at The Heights will partner with parents to determine the best schedule and setting for their child. Currently we have two options:

LIFE Outdoors: For your child(ren) who thrive outdoors, they will experience a sensory room where they have a Bible lesson, calming music, a swing, a ball pit, a host of sensory toys and manipulatives. Upon request, there are noise-cancelling headphones, and a snack (one parent selected item per our menu) for each child. Here children can find a place where they belong, find acceptance and love, as well as a Bible lesson.

LIFE Adventure: Is available for our boys and girls who want the opportunity to enjoy being part of the Bible Fellowship classroom setting. If your child is “on adventure” with us each Sunday, they will experience Large Group and Small Group both hours. Boys and Girls in this program may be provided a Lifeguard and other modifications/resources to assist them.

If for any reason your child is unable to participate in their adventure class experience, we will take them to LIFE Outdoors (sensory room) located in our KIDS Hallway. We believe your child will have fun and enjoy learning about God each time they attend Bible Fellowship.

Our lifeguard and LIFEcrew teams are under the direction of our Crew Coordinator. The coordinator is there to provide help or reinforcement if needed.


Primarily ages 13 to 18

The Brick | 9:30 AM

A typical Sunday morning for Student Ministry is an hour and a half.

The Brick: The setting for Junior High and High School students includes large group and small group settings. Your child(ren) will have the opportunity to experience both. We realize some students may not be successful in this setting, therefore, we partner with parents to seek a lifeguard who will be a good fit for their child. When needed, we offer quieter “reflection” corners.


Primarily 15 and up

Room 205 | 9:30 AM

Circle of Friends: For those who are promoted from the Student Ministry to adulthood, we offer a wonderful class setting where they can interact with friends and discover truths from God’s Word. This is a very positive, accepting, and encouraging class where they can build life long friendships. Socials are held during the school year on the first three Tuesdays nights of each month from 7 to 8:30 p.m.


How can my family be connected to Lifelines?

Our desire is to partner with each family and child. Therefore, no matter the severity of the need, we require each family to complete a PARENT TRAINING PACKET. This will help provide the information needed for your child(ren) to have an incredible experience. Prior to any children with special needs being dropped off, each parent must fill out an intake form, which is available online here.

How can I know if my child needs me while I'm in my Life Group?

Pagers are available to each family of a special needs child at the Kids Welcome Desk. These are provided so that a parent can be notified if their child(ren) needs them.

Do children with special needs have other opportunities to join activities mid-week?

This question can only be answered case by case. We encourage the parent of each child(ren) with special needs to join them in class. Please contact one of the ministers below to answer your questions.

What if my child wants to be part of Sunday or Wednesday classes and there is no lifeguard available?

Lifelines is a growing ministry and is actively seeking loving adults to serve alongside each child. If there is no lifeguard available when you request, we ask that you join them in class or wait till God provides the right team member. This will help your child have the best experience in class and have the proper setting when they attend.

How can I be on the Lifeguard Team or Rescue Crew?

  • Be a High School Student/Adult
  • Be a consistent part of The Heights Church and have a consistent attendance pattern
  • Be Lifeguard Certified, which includes instructional training and be background checked (adult or minor).
  • View our video training series
  • Attend two Special Needs Trainings offered at The Heights each year