How to be the Best Neighbor

As we build toward Waking our World Up to Jesus, we want to be a blessing to the people in our neighborhoods in tangible ways, and potentially build new relationships. We have the privilege to lead from the frontline and want you to be the BEST neighbor to your neighbors. 

Bless your neighbors

We believe that as believers, we are blessed to be a blessing. One of the best ways to bless our neighbors is to meet their needs physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Eat with them

Inviting your neighbors to a meal follows the great tradition Jesus set during biblical times. (Mark 2:15) Eating together is a symbol of shared family life. This is an opportunity to share what God’s family feels like as we connect over the dining table.

Share your story

Everyone has a unique story to tell. As you share your life’s journey, the Holy Spirit can use it to create “God moments.” These moments could be used to open their hearts to you and to Jesus.

Talk to God

In your devotional time, pray for your neighbors. Pray for their hearts to be open to the path Jesus has prepared for them, and for us to have a fresh revelation from God to disciple our community.


  1. Click the Serve Bingo Board picture and download the image. Print a card off to help you keep track of your progress!
  2. Text a picture of you performing the activity on each bingo square along with a short description (with the exception of the square for “sharing the gospel” in which case you’ll just send a brief description) to the number 469-751-2727.
  3. One phone number represents one bingo card, so please make sure you use the same phone to text in your completions each time.
  4. We will keep track of the official SERVE bingo card as you send in your completions.
  5. If you post to social media, use the hashtag #BESTneighbor.
  6. You will receive an entry into our drawing for each bingo line that you complete. We will draw 5 names to receive prizes! 
  7. Each person that covers all of the squares of the SERVE bingo card, will receive our Grand Prize. The FIRST person to cover all will recieve a special prize as well!!

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You may have noticed increased activities in your neighborhood during this time of Shelter-in-Place. This has created opportunities to reach your neighbors in new and fresh ways. We would like to invite you to intentionally prayer walk your neighborhood as we continue the process of waking our neighborhoods up to Jesus.  

Would you join us in prayer walking?

Prayer Walking Guide

New Neighbor Visits


Moving can be a very traumatic and stressful time for a family. It can certainly be filled with excitement, but that excitement can easily be tempered by the stress of the move. Your visit could provide some much needed HOPE at just the right time. Whether it is just a smile to brighten a day or the beginning of a new friendship - it is our HOPE that your visit will make an impact during a stressful season.

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