Thank you for serving on the Guest Connections Team!

Isn't it great to serve together on the Guest Connections team! As always, our efforts in welcoming everyone through our doors is done to glorify our Lord, to further His Kingdom and to help our guests find a friend and see a future at The Heights.

Below are specific roles, all of them as important as the other, as they make us unified in cultivating a welcoming presence as we serve together. If you have any questions, please contact Christy Butler at  [email protected].

Guest Connections Teams


  • Parking Team - Has the privilege to greet and engage our guests in our front yard. We are the starting place for guests connecting to The Heights.  
  • Golf Cart Team - As golf cart drivers, it is our privilege to set the tone for our guests and members as they see us driving around the parking lot and escorting folks right to our front door.
  • Door Greeting Team - As door greeters, whether it's the Atrium, Chapel, External, Family, North, or Worship Center doors, it is our privilege to help create a postive impression for our guests and a cheerful welcome to our fellow members.
  • Welcome Desk Team - The Welcome Desk is where guests will check in with iPads and find general information about The Heights and Life Groups for adults and kids.  Team members will also walk people around our church when they visit and/or make an appointment to Meet Up via our website.
  • Extended Stay - This is a special branch of the Welcome Desk Team that will moniter the Chapel and Atrium for visitors that arrive while services are underway and direct people as needed.
  • Encourager Team - Encouragers engage people in the Next Step Room by praying with them and giving them information about Next Steps.

Guest Connections Team: Aim

Our aim, as a Guest Connections Team, is to connect people to The Heights and to cultivate welcome.

  • Smile and engage everyone.
  • We never point, always escort.  Never give them directions, ALWAYS walk them to their destination.
  • When we arrive at their destination, always introduce our guests to staff or a leader.
  • Our guests want to find a friend and see a future at The Heights and it our privilege to help them begin the connection process.