Thank you for serving at The Heights

We are so excited to be gathering together once again! In an effort to do so safely, we have modified some of the volunteer responsibilities. Please read the list below, find your specific role on the Guest Connections team, and find out how you will be serving on Sundays! If you have any questions, please contact Ashlee Cobb at  [email protected].

Parking Lot Team

  • Fun Signs- Think of yourself as the Welcoming Team! Wave at people and hold up the signs in order to set the stage for a fun morning- even as they first come onto campus.
  • Parking Team- Help guests to find parking spots as they enter the front parking area. You will have an assigned row/area to direct cars as they come. You will also help direct guests as to when it is time to come inside by holding up red/green signs.
  • Golf Cart Team- You will be driving only those with physical needs from the handicapped parking to the entrance. You will also wipe down the handrails and seats in between each load.
  • Guest Tent- You will primarily be available to meet our guests outside and help with any questions/needs they have. Once they are ready, walk them into the Atrium to the Welcome Desk. The goal is to move the Atrium experience outside to address questions, make an initial connection, etc.
  • Outside Atrium Door Greeters- Prop open doors for touch free handling. Greet guests as they arrive- answer questions, wave, etc. (no contact please!). Close doors 15 minutes after the service has started. Prop open doors 5 minutes before dismissal and thank people for coming as they exit.

Vestibule/Atrium Team

  • Vestibule Mask Distribution- Wearing gloves, offer masks to those not wearing one.
  • Welcome Desk- Launch iPad check-in (no contact/paperless). Direct “Meet Up” appointments. Give out masks, field questions, etc.
  • Atrium Traffic Flow- Give direction to keep the traffic moving towards the Worship Center rather than gathering in Atrium. Will also help transition to upstairs and overflow seating as needed.
  • Worship Center Doors- Prop open doors 15 minutes prior to each service. Greet guests and give the following instructions:
    1. Usher will seat them 
    2. Expect to sit FRONT to BACK 
    3. Leave 3 seats in between family units
  • Coffee Bar Greeter- Wearing gloves, open door and greet guests as they arrive. Offer masks to those not wearing one. Be at the door 5 minutes before dismissal to hold door open and thank people for coming as they exit. 


  • Ushers- One Usher located just inside each Worship Center door who will determine how many in the party/family group and advise the other Usher further down the aisle by showing hand sign of the number, and direct them to that Usher to seat them.

Seat FRONT to BACK maintaining 3 seats between family units.

When Worship Center is at 75% seating capacity, notify Kristi Cooper via text 203-240-8732. 4 Ushers will then move to and serve in the Balcony. Remove Balcony Closed signs at each stairway.

Close doors 10 minutes after service begins and prop open again when Closing Host starts to explain dismissal procedure.

Dismiss by section, back to front, exiting left.