The Collective Summer Series at Common Desk Richardson

Thursdays in June

Join us on Thursday for a series of honest conversations around faith, life, and culture. Each night we will focus on a singular question. Our conversations will be led and facilitated each week by thought-provoking leaders and experts in the various fields of study. 


June 2nd: is God a democrat or republican?

June 9th: does the Bible really help us make decisions in 2022?

June 16th: what is the action of racial justice, and should the church participate?

June 23rd: what is cultural humility and why is everyone talking about it?



When is this happening? June 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd at 7 PM

Where is this happening? Common Desk Richardson 3400 N Central Expy Ste #110

Is there free parking? Oh yeah! There are a few spots in front of the building, as well as a garage behind. 

Who is this for? These conversations are primarily geared towards Young Adults/College Students, however, we welcome anyone willing to participate in a thoughtful and respectful conversation.

Does it cost anything? Nope. 100 percent free, even the coffee! 

Other questions?

 Send us a text!


Does the Bible help me make decisions? 

Recording from June 9th 

Listen Here


Bible Project

Enter The Bible


The Strange and Sacred Scripture

Calling and Clarity 

What is the action of racial justice? Should the church participate?

Recording from June 16th 

Coming Soon



What is cultural humility and why is everyone talking about it?

Recording from June 23rd 

Coming Soon