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We hope that these following weekly resources will provide an online option for you and your family to stay consistent.  These resources are what your preschoolers experience on a weekly basis, so we are excited for you as parents to take part with your child!

8.23.20- I CAN PRAY TO GOD
Aug 21 5:56 PM

8.23.20- I CAN PRAY TO GOD

Aug 21 5:56 PM
Aug 21 5:56 PM


"I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” –Psalm 139:14, NIV

Bottom Line: God made me.

This week: We can talk to God anytime, anywhere, about anything, and He will hear us. Jeremiah 29:12; Matthew 6:5-13

Core Insight: IMAGE


Discipleship Kit:

  • Parent Guide – Use this parent guide to help you walk through discipling your preschooler this week
  • Story Video – Each week there will be a new Story Video to watch (from Orange Media)
  • Memory Verse Song –  Your preschooler will learn this month’s memory verse along with hand signals


  • Home Connection
    • NEED: Activity Page, crayons or markers
    • DO:Copy the Activity Page and write your child’s name in the blank at the top. Review the story and help your child trace their handprint in the center of the page.
    • SAY: “Today, we learned that we are so very special to God. Give me a high five. (Pause.) Awesome! You’re going to use your high five hand to make a handprint on your paper today. Nobody’s hand is just like yours, because God made you special that way! Let’s trace your hand on the paper! [Child’s name], you are important to God. I’m so glad that God made you!”
  • Bath Time
    • Add toy plates, utensils, and food to bath time so your child can pretend to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Talk about how we can talk to God during breakfast time, lunch time, and dinner time. We can even talk to God during playtime, bedtime, and bath time! We can talk to God anytime, anywhere, about anything!
  • Weekly Activities
  • Parent Cue Blog: "3 WAYS TO TEACH YOUR KIDS TO BE SERVANT-HEARTED" by Parent Cue



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