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We hope that these following weekly resources will provide an online option for you and your family to stay consistent.  These resources are what your preschoolers experience on a weekly basis, so we are excited for you as parents to take part with your child!

5.19.24 - JEREMIAH
May 17 12:51 PM

5.19.24 - JEREMIAH

May 17 12:51 PM
May 17 12:51 PM


“I will always love you.” Jeremiah 31:3, CEV

Bottom Line: God loves me.

This week: The prophet Jeremiah tells God's people that God loves them and God has plans for them.


Discipleship Kit:

  • Parent Guide – Use this parent guide to help you walk through discipling your preschooler this week
  • Story Video – Each week there will be a new Story Video to watch 
  • Memory Verse Video –  Your preschooler will learn this month’s memory verse along with hand signals


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