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We hope that these following weekly resources will provide an online option for you and your family to stay consistent.  These resources are what your preschoolers experience on a weekly basis, so we are excited for you as parents to take part with your child!

5.1.22- Light and Dark; Sky and Water
Apr 29 5:26 PM

5.1.22- Light and Dark; Sky and Water

Apr 29 5:26 PM
Apr 29 5:26 PM


"God saw everything he had made. And it was very good." Genesis 1:31, NIrV

Bottom Line: God made everything

This week: God makes light and dark on day one. He makes sky and water on day two. And, it is good. Light and Dark; Sky and Water


Discipleship Kit:

  • Parent Guide – Use this parent guide to help you walk through discipling your preschooler this week
  • Story Video – Each week there will be a new Story Video to watch (from Orange Media)
  • Memory Verse Video –  Your preschooler will learn this month’s memory verse along with hand signals


  • Home Connection
    • NEED: Activity Pages, blue crayons or makers, cotton balls and glue
    • DO: Encourage children to fill in the water with the blue  and glue cotton balls to the sky.
    • SAY: “Today, we learned about the beginning of creation, what God made on days one and two. Let’s make a picture of the sky and water. Where should you color the water? (Pause.) That’s right! Under this line on the bottom part of your paper is where we’ll put the water. (Pause.) Fill it all in! (Pause.) Great! Now, what is white and fluffy and floats through the sky? (Pause.) Yes! Fluffy, white clouds! Glue some cotton balls to the top of your paper for the clouds in the sky. (Pause.) Super job of making a picture of the sky and water! In the very beginning, there was nothing but God. On the very first day, God said, ‘Let there be light.’ And there was light! God said it was good Then God separated the light from dark. He called light ‘Day’ and dark ‘Night.’ On day two, God made water down low and the sky up above. God saw what He had made and said, ‘It is good.’ God had plans for much more, and we’ll learn about that in the next weeks. Everything God made is good because God made everything. Who made everything? [Bottom Line] God made everything.”
    • When you go into your child’s room, say: "Good morning! God made light and dark (turn bedroom lights on and off), and God made you!"
  • Weekly Activities
  • Parent Cue Blog:"How to Foster a Strong Sibling Relationship by Brandon Janous


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