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We hope that these following weekly resources will provide an online option for you and your family to stay consistent.  These resources are what your preschoolers experience on a weekly basis, so we are excited for you as parents to take part with your child!

Sep 17 5:02 PM


Sep 17 5:02 PM
Sep 17 5:02 PM


“We have the Lord our God to help us.” 2 Chronicles 32:8, NLT

Bottom Line: God is always with me.

This week: Rahab has courage to hide the spies and God keeps her and her family safe. Joshua 2:1-22; 6:22-25

Insight: TRUTH


Discipleship Kit:

  • Parent Guide – Use this parent guide to help you walk through discipling your preschooler this week
  • Story Video – Each week there will be a new Story Video to watch (from Orange Media)
  • Memory Verse Song –  Your preschooler will learn this month’s memory verse along with hand signals


  • Home Connection
    • NEED: Activity Page, brown crayons, red yarn (or maker), glue sticks, scissors, and sharpie.
    • DO: Encourage the children to color their house then glue the red yarn to the window (or draw a red rope with their marker).
    • SAY: 
    • In our Bible story today, we learned about a woman named Rahab. She helped two spies from God’s army hide and leave the city of Jericho. Color Rahab’s house brown. (Pause.) Now glue the piece of red yarn to the window. (Pause.) In our story, Rahab helped the two sneaky spies hide from the soldiers of Jericho. She knew if anyone found out she helped the spies, she would be in big trouble. But she knew that these men were friends of God. She had heard about God and knew God could do amazing things. That gave her courage so she helped them leave the city. The spies told Rahab to leave a red rope hanging outside her window. God’s army came back to the city. They saw the red rope hanging in the window and remembered Rahab. The army made sure Rahab and her family were kept safe. God was with Rahab all along. And God is always with you, too. Who is always with you? [Bottom Line] God is always with me.”
  • Cuddle Time
    • Cuddle with your child and pray: “Everyone gets afraid sometimes, but God help us to remember that we can do scary things because You are with us always.”
  • Weekly Activities
  • Parent Cue Blog:"3 Ways to Ease Back Into In-Person Events Again" by Holly Crawshaw


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