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We hope that these following weekly resources will provide an online option for you and your family to stay consistent.  These resources are what your preschoolers experience on a weekly basis, so we are excited for you as parents to take part with your child!

12.17.23 - THE SHEPHERDS
Dec 15 12:52 PM

12.17.23 - THE SHEPHERDS

Dec 15 12:52 PM
Dec 15 12:52 PM


“God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son.”

John 3:16, GNT

Bottom Line: God gave us Jesus.

This week: God sends angels to tell shepherds that Jesus has been born, and the shepherds run to see Him!


Discipleship Kit:

  • Parent Guide – Use this parent guide to help you walk through discipling your preschooler this week
  • Story Video – Each week there will be a new Story Video to watch (from Orange Media)
  • Memory Verse Video –  Your preschooler will learn this month’s memory verse along with hand signals


  • Home Connection
    • NEED: Painter’s tape
    • DO: 
      • Before the Activity: Tape a start line at one end of the activity area and a finish line at the opposite end of the activity area. Have the child stand on the start line.
      • During the Activity: Challenge the child to run to the finish line at different speeds: super-fast, a slow jog, and slow-motion. Repeat several times.
      • After the Activity: Introduce the shepherds in today’s Bible story and how they ran when they heard exciting news.
    • Say: 
      • Before the Activity: “Friend, We’re going to RUN today! How fun is that! Come stand at this tape line. It will be our start line. I can’t wait to see how you run!”
      • During the Activity: “When I say, ‘GO,’ run as fast as you can to this line. (Point to the finish line). Are you ready? GO! (Pause.) Wow! You can run super-duper fast! Walk back to the start line. (Pause.) This time when I say, ‘GO,’ I want to see you jog. Do you know what jogging looks like? Jogging is between running fast and walking. (Demonstrate.) On go, jog to the finish line. Go! (Pause.) That was fantastic! You ran super-fast, and you jogged. Now let’s try running in slow-motion. (Demonstrate.) Ready? Go! Run in slow-motion! (Pause.) That was so fun! Great job!” (Repeat as desired.)
      • After the Activity: “Today, we’ll hear about some people who were shepherds. Shepherds take care of sheep. When they heard some exciting news, they ran. Do you think they ran in slow-motion or super fast? Let’s go hear our true story from the Bible to find out!”
  • Drive Time
    • While on the go, take turns naming different ways the shepherds could have gone to see Jesus. The shepherds could have hopped, crawled, skipped, ridden a camel, etc. How did the shepherds go see Jesus? The shepherds were so excited they RAN to see Jesus!
  • Weekly Activities
  • Parent Cue Blog: “20 Memorable Family Christmas Traditions”  by Dr. Jim Burns


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