New Neighbor Visits

Why Visit?

Moving can be a very traumatic and stressful time for a family. It can certainly be filled with excitement, but that excitement can easily be tempered by the stress of the move.  Your visit could provide some much needed hope at just the right time. Whether it is just a smile to brighten a day or the beginning of a new friendship - it is our hope that your visit will make an impact during a stressful season.

More Information

Missional Communities

Overview: Missional Communities is a new strategic approach The Heights is undertaking this Fall, identifying and reaching key neighborhoods in the vicinity of our church, waking up the world to Jesus – block by block.

What’s Offered: A Missional Community Group will be formed for a targeted neighborhood, led by a Pastor and a Champion who lives in the community. All are welcome to journey with a Missional Community Group for community engagement once every 3 months, and a monthly gathering.