Jan 17 3:56 AM


Jan 17 3:56 AM
Jan 17 3:56 AM

Read Romans 12:1-2


Last week we looked at the power of the Gospel and the way it informs all we do. This week is no different. This fantastic fellowship we have with God through Jesus leads to no other response than a beautiful life full of sanctification. In other words, the renewing of our mind, which comes from time with the One we love, inspires a holy change in the way we live.

As a follower of Christ, if we desire for true transformation to occur, full surrender must be our heart posture. We must pose ourselves before the God of all creation in humility, knowing that He is going to create a masterpiece through our submission.


The submission we mean is not one of bondage to follow religious regulations, but more so that of self-denial, not of self-shame or self-contempt. Jesus says in Mark 8:34, “If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” This self-denial is that of dignity and value. God, in this very moment, sees and knows the depths of your sin, yet still beckons you to come and follow Him. Yet, knowing our own inability to do this in our own strength, we look to Him.

The anointing which you have received from Him abides in you…and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him.
   -  1 John 2:27

Our gracious God has anointed us with the Holy Spirit, and through Him, He will teach us how to abide.



Take a moment and ask the Lord what area in your life you may be trying to white knuckle control. Ask Him to show you patterns you have created that may need to be surrendered and altered. As you do this, open your hands, and face them upward as a physical act to either show or encourage your heart posture to let go of control. Spend at least 3-5 minutes here.


Maybe you felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to be diligent and create space to meet with Him daily. Perhaps you found you need a miracle to break the weight of the bondage you wear. Or maybe you felt the pull to make yourself more available to deepen fellowship with those God has placed around you. Well, fellow believer, one of the blessed ways God uses the Church is by providing accountability. Don’t step away from this moment of conviction without bringing someone you can trust into it with you. So, whatever it is, let this be an encouragement to step in obedience, trusting that God will supply the strength to follow through. Allow Him to be the one to bear this burden but be diligent enough to lay it at His feet.


Finish your time by asking God to bring to mind the person(s) you should bring into this journey of refinement.


True, never-ending declarations of pure grace found in Jesus and the shouting of praise will never be enough to even touch what our God is worthy of. With that we come, we enter today, and offer our everything to the Lord. We confess, Yours is the Kingdom, Yours is the power, Yours is the glory forever (Matthew 6:13). May God enable your eyes to see His glorious work of refinement on your life.


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