Jan 13 3:20 AM


Jan 13 3:20 AM
Jan 13 3:20 AM

Take the time to read through this prayer for illumination from Be Thou My Vision. Just like Day 2, today is a day for you to sit, reflect, and wait on the voice of the Lord. As you read through this prayer, ask God to refine your heart to yearn for these things. Ask the Lord to craft in you a true desire to discern His voice as you become more familiar with His written Word.


Divine Spirit, illumine to me the words of the Lord.

Show me the wealth of glory that lies beneath the old familiar stories.

Teach me the depths of meaning hidden in the songs of Zion,

Raise me to the heights of aspiration that is reached by the wings of the prophet.

Lift me to the summit of faith that is trod by the feet of the apostle.

Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law. Amen.
   -   George Matheson



Spend the rest of your time allowing God to bring truths of scripture to mind.