Breakthrough is a special time where we intentionally connect with the Lord and re-center our lives around Him. At The Heights, our main focus of 2024 is evangelism, so that was the theme throughout this year's conference.

We hope that you were able to join us for our Prayer and Worship Night, Mini Sessions, and two Main Sessions with our guest speaker, Ryan Kwon! Our prayer is that you will see Breakthrough in your life and that The Lord has drawn you closer and revealed Himself to you in new and fresh ways.


If you heard about Alpha at Breakthrough and are wondering what all the buzz us about, this is the perfect chance to come learn what Alpha is all about! Alpha is a program aimed at creating an environment for us as a church to invite those in our circle who have questions about life, faith, and God to come encounter Jesus and His people. Alpha PREVIEW Night is a chance for us as a church to experience what an Alpha session is like, and to pray and intercede for the people in our lives we want to bring to Alpha! 




Originally from Los Angeles, CA. Ryan was called to plant a multi-cultural church in hard soil, which led him to plant Resonate Church in the San Francisco Bay Area, with campuses in Fremont, Hayward, and Oakland. He is passionate about gospel centered preaching, making disciples, and has a vision to see many churches planted in the Bay. He currently serves on the The Gospel Coalition council and is a board member of Exponential. Outside of spending time with his wife Jenni, their two sons and daughter, he enjoys gardening succulents and the torture of both Crossfit and cheering for UCLA football.

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Session 1 • 9:30 AM

Session 2 • 11 AM

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Session 3 • 4 PM

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