Becoming the man that God has called you to be is nothing short of a Herculean task. It’s not easy; but then no great empire, institution, or legacy was ever built with the word “easy.”

That’s why we want to invite you into the 511 Man Plan. For 6 weeks we are challenging you to commit to three things:

5 | Pray five times a week. If you have a family, pray with them at dinner time, before bed, or throughout the day. Pray with your Life Group. Pray before lunch. Pray to start the day. There’s no limitations here; the point is to just pray 5 times a week.

1 | Share what the Lord is teaching you once a week. Tell someone what you are learning through talking to God in prayer, listening to God through the Bible, and obeying God in your experiences.

1 | Engage at church once a week. There’s not much else to say here. Just show up at church on Sunday morning.

Thank you for taking steps to be intentional about praying, sharing what the Lord is teaching you, and engaging at church. We hope these resources indeed help you become a more godly leader in your family, friendships, and at work.

Check back for more resources in the future.