Student Camp: What God's Revealed to Us Part 2
Jun 2018 11:28 AM

Student Camp: What God's Revealed to Us Part 2

Jun 2018 11:28 AM
Jun 2018 11:28 AM
We are a few days out from Student Camp 2018 and here are some more encouraging stories of what the Lord did in the hearts of students while at camp. Check out these stories below!
Exactly a year ago, June 16th 2017 I got baptized. Last year at camp I was so worried about what other people were doing and taking care of others that I totally forgot to think of me and my relationship with God. I struggled so much with trying to figure out with what my purpose was.
But During this week of camp I finally found my purpose. My purpose in life will be found in Him alone. I have learned that what I value (if it’s not God) it will not be everlasting. Every day filled with God has a purpose. If I call myself His, my purpose will never be divorced from the scripture.-Hannah Reiser, a rising sophomore at Hebron High School
Student Camp really hit home for me this year. I truly understand what Jesus is calling me to do for Him right now. I felt the spirit moving nightly, and I learned new Bible literacy skills. Camp honestly just makes me closer to God and all of my friends each year. It’s such a blessing to be a part of a student ministry that cares enough to teach us to be leaders in our church and in daily life. I’m feeling more confident than I’ve ever been in making disciples because of the amazing message given to me this week. I’m ready to walk into this next chapter of my life with Christ leading the way. -Savannah Pinner, a rising sophomore at Wylie High School
Camp is the most exciting, life changing, and challenging event of the year. Pouring out your heart and soul for the Lord, especially in front of other people, takes courage and confidence. This year I was reminded about how making disciples of all nations doesn’t mean picking up everything and moving to India, instead as we go, we make disciples where our foot lands. Three years ago God put on my heart to invite one of my best friends, Kate Boyd, to church. I knew she had been going through a hard time at her previous church and God kept prompting me to at least ask. I obeyed thinking that I’ll ask and leave the rest to the Holy Spirit. God did some amazing things in her heart and she said yes but she hated feeling like an outsider at church. I first noticed her begin to get closer to the Lord at Chi Alpha and then camp in 7th grade. At camp 2016 something visibly changed inside her. She became passionate for Christ and wanted to know more. She continued growing all the way up to inviting her best friend, Alyssa, to church with her. Alyssa came to camp last year and placed her faith in Jesus. Now, all 3 of us are baptized and strong believers wanting to serve Him. Throughout this experience I learned how God moves in incredible ways and can multiply His followers from just one leap of faith. -Landry Warner, a rising sophomore at McMillen High School
Growing up in a church, my years have always been split into 2 sections: camp and not camp. At camp I had always read my devos, took sermon notes, and read my Bible. However it never processed in my mind what exactly I was reading; what my purpose in faith was. Come around to camp this year, things changed.
It started out like any other camp with everyone praying for God to reveal himself. I would always think “God’s already revealed His purpose to me”. I was wrong.
Cory Butler shared his fascinating story of how he came to be in England. All of a sudden I had an involuntary thought that would not leave my mind. My heart suddenly opened up. This was the weirdest thing that had ever happened to me but it only got weirder from there. During that night’s sermon God spoke directly to me. The next moment I was sobbing for no reason. After talking to my leader we came to conclusions that God had called me for the first time. The next morning I prayed for God to reveal someone I can invest in. Suddenly a classmate came to mind. “Give her your bible” is what I heard next. I couldn’t believe it. I thought the first time was just luck. I thought being called to serve was only for the pros but turns out it can happen to anybody. -Katie Hoang, a rising junior at JJ Pearce High School
I walked into camp this week thinking it’d be just another reason for me to leave the house. I had never really thought about what it would be like to be part of a church family before this week. In the beginning, I stayed with my friends the whole time and never strayed from them. I never talked to anyone I didn’t know, and I never tried anything or did anything by myself; I was an introvert and very antisocial.
On the second day of camp, I became friends with people who I had never talked to before, and started coming out of my shell. I began to sing along to the songs in worship, I raised my hands for the first time while singing, and I just felt like I was there with god himself. It made me feel as if I’d finally found my safe place. I started to go do things by myself, and sit with other people and really get to know others around me. I became close with my group leader and her daughter, and they were really the first ones to actually accept me.
The last night of camp, at worship, Cory had us pray to god. While we were praying, he said “if you haven’t accepted Christ into your heart and you want to, look up and wave at me.” I was very hesitant and worried about what people would think if they saw me look up, but after a minute I felt the urge inside me and I heard God tell me that this is something He wanted me to do. I looked up, and Cory smiled at me and said that once we started singing, to go talk to my leader. I talked to her about how I wanted to be a part of this amazing family and that I wanted to be a follower of Christ, and she sat there and just listened to what I had to say. I made the decision to go through with it, and get baptized at the church.
Before this camp, I was very lost and unsure about many things in my life, and now everything seems to be falling into place perfectly. I made the choice to surrender to God and follow Him because I know that He is the only one who will ever truly be there for me. So thank you for helping me find my next step. -Liberty Hughes, a rising junior at Plano East Senior High School
This week during camp I felt God calling me to share his word with one of friends, Leah. Through our the week we discussed our purpose in this world, and how to live according to that purpose. We talked about how God doesn’t hide our purpose from us, but instead lays it out in the great commission. This had an impact on me, since lately I’ve been struggling with how I fit in to God’s plan for this world. Im hoping to plant some seeds of the Gospel in Leah’s heart, and allow God to make them grow. I’m very thankful for this experience, and I’m excited to go back to camp next year. -Shelby Langston, a rising junior at Plano West
I walked into camp questioning God as to why I was struggling and why he wasn’t helping me. I had doubts, anger, fear, and questions. After a week at camp and God softening my heart, he completely turned everything in my life around. My mom was healed of cancer, and my faith became strong and I could finally answer “who is God to you?” in a positive way. God is the greatest, the healer, and a loving father. He’s the son of God. My faith has been restored and I have been made new. I can easily say I am not questioning God’s existence any more. He has softened my heart and made me new and whole again. I finally know my purpose in life and it is to deny myself and follow the Lord. -Bree Rayfield, a rising senior
Just reading these testimonies makes me want to sing and praise God for being the pursuer of our souls and being a personal God! Thanks be to Him for revealing Himself personally to each of these people and so many more during our time at camp. We have a few more stories to share with you so stay tuned for more!

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