Student Camp: Fullness of Joy
Jun 2017 12:17 PM

Student Camp: Fullness of Joy

Jun 2017 12:17 PM
Jun 2017 12:17 PM

How is the last full day of camp already come to a close?! It has flown by, but what a glorious week it has been so far!

Yesterday’s schedule was very similar to Thursday’s. After dining on a hearty breakfast, student spent some time reading through James 3 and working through their devotional. Morning show followed after this and was high energy! Teams competed in Scattergories, with the top two winners battling each other in Jeopardy. Group 4 ended up taking home the victory and earned themselves some yummy pizza rolls as their prize!

The Logan Walter Band led us in worship and then Logan taught us from God’s Word in John 4 about what worship really is and what God’s heart for worship is. He unpacked what it looks like to worship in Spirit and in Truth. He gave us some questions to discuss in our small groups that challenged us to investigate who or what we are giving most weight to in our life right now, and, in turn, worshipping with our lives. It was a good time of teaching and discussion!

We then hit the field for the final day of The Kadoku Games: The Star-Spangled Spectacular. Teams got a little wet and a little sweaty and a little competitive as they competed in both field games and water games today. They truly left all they had on the field as they wrapped up the final day of The Kadoku Games for 2017. The winners for Junior High and High School will be announced on Sunday morning.

After lunch, family groups worked through their lesson of the day and had some great time getting into God’s Word together. It has been so cool to watch the Spirit stirring amongst these groups, bringing deeper vulnerability and transparency as they’ve sought the Lord together this week. It’s also been fun to watch new friendships being formed and existing friendships be deepened amongst this community of Heights Students. Their family group leaders (primarily lay leaders that serve with these students on a weekly basis) have done a phenomenal job of investing the gospel into them this week. We are so grateful that the Lord has given them favor with these students and that we get to link arms and fight for the sake of the Kingdom with these wonderful people who are desperate for these students to know and love Jesus.

Free time came rolling around and so did our 5th annual THSM Hoops Basketball game. This started back at Student Camp 2013 when a then 7th grader, Will Snyder, challenged the student staff to a basketball game. It’s become a tradition. Today as the staff (plus a few leaders and band members) and students took the court, and the staff team came out with the bragging rights for 2017!

After dinner, we walked into our last night session. We spent time praising the Lord for all that He’s done for us through Jesus and all that we’ve seen Him do this week. Then we camped out in Hebrews 11, growing in our understanding of what it looks like to live a life that is full of faith. Dave used the illustration of a lamp that is not plugged in compared with a lamp that is plugged in, but just not turned on. He even took it a step farther and said that there are some strobe lights out there, that blink on and off. The desire in following Jesus is that our lives would constantly be plugged into the power source and turned on, so that our lives shine brightly and consistently for Him.

There was space on the back end of his talk for us to be still before the Lord and ask Him what next steps He is calling us to take. Then we magnified the Lord together in singing praise to Him for the victory of the cross and the beauty of His name. This time of worship was one of those moments that gives you a sweet foretaste of what Heaven will be like.

We broke up into family groups to debrief, talk through the questions we were left with from Dave’s talk, and process through the next steps that the Lord is calling us to take. At least five students (ones that we know of so far) placed their faith in Jesus last night! WAHOO! It is a joyous celebration!! It’s incredible to see how the Lord orchestrated everything to get these students to camp in the first place and now we know it was no coincidence! Praise be to God that He is mighty to save!!

And what better way to celebrate than with our final Late Nite! It was “It Used to be Cool” themed. We rocked outfits that used to be cool and danced to songs that used to be cool. We even had a dance crew come in and lead us in some dances! It was a PARTY and was the perfect way to end this glorious day!

We are excited for today and what the Lord is going to continue doing during our time left together at Student Camp 2017. Keep praying, the Lord is moving oh so faithfully in response to your prayers. We will see you at home tonight around 7pm!

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