Serve Honduras: Workday Monday!
Mar 2019 1:27 PM

Serve Honduras: Workday Monday!

Mar 2019 1:27 PM
Mar 2019 1:27 PM

Hello to one and all,

We spent today at the Promise Home Orphanage doing different projects like 1) painting new buildings that will house the children and workers, and 2) tilling and planting fruit and vegetables. Here is what one of our students had to say:

“Today we got the opportunity of painting the interior of a building. While I was painting it occurred to me that these walls will be what the kids see for along time this gave me a different perspective of it, also the team that I painted the building with I felt so encouraged the entire time with them. There was also times where people saw and did what needed to be done without asking, all in all it was a great experience.”

– Ethan Perry, student

Today was all about planting seeds when we stop to think about it. Painting buildings plants a seed of making the living environment more pleasant for the children and workers which we pray leads to a joy-filled life (Jn 10:10). Planting fruit and vegetables seeds we pray leads to giving the children food to eat and to re-plant (Gen. 1:29). We sow but God is the one who causes the growth!

“Going to Honduras was a last minute decision for me. Coming here I felt unworthy, as if I don’t deserve to be apart of this trip. It’s day two, and the Lord has revealed to me quite the opposite. Looking out at the beautiful view knowing that it’s all God’s creation and design put me at peace because i’m apart of His creation as well, so I shouldn’t ever be ashamed or feel unworthy. Another amazing thing I saw today was everything I’ve learned and know about Jesus displayed perfectly in a picture. Bits and pieces falling into a puzzle was beautiful such as seeing the joy in people’s hearts even under difficult circumstances they face, planting a garden & getting to see the parable of the sower actually played out and discussing it, letting go of the way i look, what i want to do or be with, and focusing on just being the hands and feet of Jesus. Lots of little things and characteristics of God that are so impactful have already convicted me and brought to me so much peace. It was convicting to me because I don’t always have a radiant joy in my heart, and my struggles are trivial in comparison to the stories shared with me by women who have the sweetest of hearts. Peace has been brought to me because I’ve seen to the consistency of God. It doesn’t matter where you are, God is the same here, in the US, and anywhere you look. It doesn’t matter your circumstance or the language you speak God is constant & God is good.”

– Katie Johnston, student

God has been with us every step of the way up to our time in Honduras and he uses people and places to remind us of his word throughout the day as we are sensitive to his leading. Here is one students description of that:

“Last year I met a little girl at the orphanage named Melanie. She was very ill and was skinny and weak that it broke my heart. I felt her pain and I than realized that she was a fighter! At that exact moment I told myself that if a 3 year old can fight that hard to wake up each day, than so can I. Today while painting my anxiety got the best of me and I had to take a step back and remember Melanie and how much of a fighter she was. And when I went to take some time by myself I saw Melanie at the orphanage with the other kids and it brought so much joy to my heart! Seeing her from crying and weak to healthy and laughing. After today I’ve seen how good God is and how he gives each and one of us the strength to wake up each and everyday.”

– Hannah Reiser, student

Thank you for your prayers. This trip we believe will make ripples in the faith journey of many. Not only with those we minister to in Honduras but with our team also. Pray with us that God will have his way! 

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