Serve Honduras: Spectacular Wednesday!
Mar 2019 1:29 PM

Serve Honduras: Spectacular Wednesday!

Mar 2019 1:29 PM
Mar 2019 1:29 PM

Hello to one and all, 

As we draw near to our last couple of days in Honduras, two things come to mind the most to describe our time here. The first is the beauty of God shown through the Honduran people. The second is the beauty of God shown through the landscape of Honduras. God has used our team to share the gospel with over four-hundred children in three schools we worked at. God has also used the people and the scenery of Honduras to display his love, power, and beauty to us. Read what one of our students had to say:

“As I have reflected on this week Psalm 65 has been impressed on my heart. The Psalm depicts the image of Christ creating the mountains in his power. Monday afternoon the team & I took on the mission of hiking a mountain by Promise Home. This passage gave me such a beautiful perspective of the mountain & the one who formed it. I was able to see the image of God holding the mountain in the palm of his hands while we hiked to the top. Verse 8 states that, “The whole earth is filled with awe in your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy”. I have truly been able to capture a piece of the wonders of God through the landscape of Honduras, the precious children of the school, local adults, and our team. I am so thankful for the breath of life God has gifted to me!“

Elle Ruud, student

Wednesday morning was spent hosting VBS with 150 kids at a local elementary. Our afternoon was spent finishing up painting and gardening work at the Promise Home Orphanage. Our time at the school was spectacular! The children put on a show for us! They sung, recited bible verses, and danced for us! It was a beautiful moment for our team to have those we came to serve, serve us! One of our students described his experience this way:

“What we did today is go to a school to have fun with the kids and talk about God. We enjoyed the love from the joyful kids just by playing with them. We felt wonderful in getting to know them. There was one kid that asked me if he could go to the United States and I had to ask “why do you want to go to the United States” and then he said “yo quiero ver como se mira aya y que tienen y como se mira diferente de lo que tenemos.” I was really shocked about what he said because there’s lots of people that actually want to know how different America is and how life is there. When we were leaving the school, lots of kids were asking me when I would return to see them again and I said one day I will come to see you. I had one little bible and gave it to one of the kids so that he could read it with his friends. I also told them that I will be reading it also at home. I was really happy because I haven’t come across kids like this in America but in Honduras they love God. They know the verses in the Bible and it was just in that moment that I wanted to talk about Jesus with them more. However later that day we headed to promise home to paint the garden area and the orphanage so that we could finish the places we had already started painting Monday. Overall the mission trip this year was the best thus far because not just me but everybody was continuously tired but the only thing that kept us going is Jesus who has strived for us to be here.”

Alex Texta, student

In describing her experience at the school Wednesday morning, one of our students also said:

“This entire trip has been incredible. I have learned so much about the people who live here. I’ve grown close to so many amazing people here and the people on the Honduras team. This week was my first ever mission trip. I have no words on how amazing it has been. I’ve seen so much joy in everyone’s faces and it makes my heart happy. This morning my team and I were playing soccer with some kids. I had a little slip on the soccer ball and fell down. Instantly, some of the boys and girls came rushing to me and helped me up. They helped dusted me off and walked me to get a band aid. All of them kept asking me if I was ok and since I did not know much spanish, I would have to keep asking people what they were saying. They were so kind and caring towards me. They were very friendly and welcoming too. Like they would offer me food and their stuff and it was so sweet. When they did not even have much, they would offer their things to me. We are so blessed to have everything we own. This week has taught me that so much and I’m so thankful.”

Haley Boyd, student

God has answered so many prayers so far, and we thank him for being God! For these last couple of days, join us in not only petitioning God for his guidance but thanking him for using us and revealing his beauty to us in multiple ways!

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