It’s been such a joy-filled day for our Honduras team. Most of our team spent the day leading VBS at a local school, while a few finished up a wiring job at Promise Home Church. When we finished up these projects, we headed back to Promise Home to spend some time with the babies at the orphanage and do rice and beans ministry. The Lord is continuing to open our eyes to see Him and ourselves more clearly through our time here. Read below to hear more!

Today we went to a school to teach VBS. The campus was actually amazing and had the most colorful murals everywhere. The school day here is basically half days, so we had one group of kids in the morning and one group after lunch. I was on the story team where we talked about Joseph from the Old Testament. Even though a few things clearly got lost in translation, seeing how excited the kids got to sing songs with us, answer questions about the story and hear our testimonies was incredible! There were a few kids with really deep answers and that gave me hope that what we’re doing actually does make a difference. One of the funniest parts of the day was when we were on top of the soccer goals and the little kids started using our feet to swing from. It was like a sort of human swing set and being able to do something that simple and bring so much joy was really fun and encouraging. We finished the day with a hike to the waterfall where a few people took a tumble and got a bit soggy. The only causality was a phone, everyone else was fine though. Overall it was fun and after seeing the the reactions we were able to get from people over such little things, it got me super excited for tomorrow and how I can let these same little examples of the Gospel in my actions affect my life when I get home.
-Kim Ferrell, a junior at Plano Senior

“We Christians are in danger, because even Jesus was in danger.”

This morning I woke up with a bad headache and a tired body. The last few days in Honduras has been not only amazing but also very tiring. I was completely out of energy. I was also concerned about the Spanish and English language barrier. It would be a lot easer to communicate and spead the gospel to the people in Honduras if I new Spanish. I wondered how in the world was I going to make it through the busy day.

When we arrived at the schools we were welcomed by a gathering of 1st-9th graders. Our group did a number of activities from snacks, crafts, and recreation. My small group specifically was telling the story of Joseph. Watching the kids participate in these activities gave me the energy needed. Despite the language difference, the kids and I connected immediately. I found out all I have to do is show them Gods love by my actions. Gods love for us is more powerful than any force in the universe. It is amazing how a scrawny noodle like me can help inspire lives in Honduras.

I went from a hopeless attitude to an abundance of joy. The Bible says “don’t be anxious about tomorrow” God will empower me to deal with all that comes my way. God is working through me, but I also know that their is an enemy out there who is also seeking for my attention. So next time I’m feeling like I can’t accomplish Gods plan, I will turn to him and ask for help. I realize that I cannot fulfill his desire with out him. I simply can’t do it by myself. I must turn to God and give him my anxieties. I can be confident in my works because it is God who guides me, and I can reflect his love to others. Thank you God for giving me what I need, and never making me do ministry on my own.
-Austin Tye, a senior at Allen High School

The best part of today for me was accomplishing the task of wiring the church. Yesterday we were struggling with inserting the wire into the PVC pipes in the walls for various reasons, but it was discouraging at times. Today, though, God was at work in the PVC because we had little to no trouble the rest of the day with the wiring. God was showing us perseverance, because we were there for a purpose—install wiring for electric things so the church can have lighting and fans as they worship the Lord. We would not stop until it was finished, no matter how discouraged we got. This shows that all things have a purpose and should be done for the God’s glory.
-Ryan Scott, a senior at Plano Senior


Today has been an amazing day getting to advance the kingdom of God through hard work. Gods kingdom reflects excellence, so the work we do should also express the same. Yesterday we got to spend the whole day at promise home and the church painting, assembling crates to rebuild the mountain that had been damaged due to flooding, assembling amenities, and just getting to surround the kids with love. The kingdom of God has been so intensely prevalent here in Honduras. God’s kingdom is the realm in which he gets things done. He lets us play with it, knowing we could never ruin what he has given us reign to here on earth. Though these people have very little physically, they genuinely take joy in each detail of life and have such a genuine love of the Lord. Their joy radiates. With every believer I have met, they completely welcome us with open arms so willingly. I had the pleasure of meeting a lady through the rice and beans ministry who is a mom of four boys and going to college, yet she had us come sit in her home and so willingly told us her story. This is the kingdom. Gods people uniting as the family they are despite language, culture, or any circumstances. Why do I see the kingdom here so clearly but not always in the US? I’ve really been wrestling with this question. It has for sure been such a humbling self-check. My lack of discipline and awareness and constant willingness to search out and advance the kingdom is the answer to this question. This mission trip has been truly eye opening. I’m blessed to have met each individual here in Honduras all while clearly seeing God’s kingdom. These beautiful people take nothing for granted and have a genuine dependence, trust, and faith in God. I’ve been shaken from my bubble of comfort to see the raw truth of who God is and who I am in him.

-Alison Moore, a senior at JJ Pearce

Today we did VBS at a school in the village. After our rotations, everyone joined together around the soccer field and we all were just hanging out with the kids. Looking around at all these sweet kids’ faces that we had grown to know and love over the course of the day, I remembered something that someone from our debrief group the night before had said: “It’s easier to see ourselves as children of God when we’re surrounded by children of God.” It struck me how God had created each of these beautiful kids knowing that we would be able to come and meet them and get to love on them, even for just one day. I realized that this was such a clear picture of the kingdom of God. Even though I can’t speak Spanish and could barely communicate with the little girls around me, we could still laugh and play together. I realized what a powerful thing it is that God’s love can transcend all the barriers we were worried about going into the trip, like language or cultural barriers. Getting to love on all the kids around me today was just a really awesome tangible picture of the kingdom of God, and I left feeling so grateful that God lets us play a part in it.
-Madi Mullen, a senior at Plano Senior

A continual theme of what we’ve been unpacking this week is what God’s kingdom is and what His will for us is as His children and citizens in the Kingdom of God. As we wrapped up our debrief tonight, we ended thinking on the transforming power of the glory of God. Praying that these verses from 2 Cor. 3:16-18 will be a reality in our lives—
“But when one turns to the Lord, the veil is removed. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.”