Serve Honduras: Prayerful Provisions
Mar 2018 11:17 AM

Serve Honduras: Prayerful Provisions

Mar 2018 11:17 AM
Mar 2018 11:17 AM

How is our last full day in Honduras coming to a close already?! It was a beautiful last day! We spent the morning going to four different homes and installing pilas, outdoor sinks, for families. This was an incredible time of ministry and getting to be a small part of God’s relentless pursuit of these families knowing, loving and walking with Him. We wrapped up our time here by spending the afternoon at the beach celebrating all that the Lord has done among us this week. Check out these students’ insights on all they’ve experienced.

The relentless love of God surprises me daily in everyday life and to the weirdest situations. Recently God has put certain people on my heart to share God’s grace. He would give me opportunities to share, but I would procrastinate like I would with school work. God has showed me that He will provide in everything. This morning I woke up not feeling very well. The first thing I thought was that I wasn’t going to to be able to help with pilas and other fun activities. Then I prayed to God just asking him to provide me strength and He did! Within a few hours I felt stronger and had more energy then I have had all week. It’s amazed me that I felt so much better with a simple prayer. Even throughout the week God has provided us with little and big things like beautiful sun rises and sunsets, but God also spoke through us and broke the language barrier. As I Go back to school next week I hope that I can continue to pray about everything and look for God in everything.
-Allie Harper, a freshman at Hebron High School

So today I learned a lot about God. I was hanging out with a little girl while the group was installing the pila. I was able to make the girl laugh and smile even though I didn’t really know Spanish and I didn’t have to speak to make her smile or laugh. Seeing this and all the ways God is at work in Honduras has opened my eyes to see His glory all around me. This trip convicted me of how I have been living my life and I wouldn’t want a little girl to see how I used to live my life. I am praying God will continue to change me as a result of what I’ve experienced here!
-Alison Pickering, a junior at Wylie Prep


Yesterday we got to go into a semi-newly built Honduran school to do a vbs. I got about 6 hours of sleep last night and I was on the rec team so you could imagine how tired I was, so I was worried about crashing. But as soon as the kids came out to play I immediately clicked with a group of girls and we ended up playing soccer, talking, and dancing for the rest of the time that we were with that group(the whole morning). After about an hour of hanging out with them they went to got get food(they had a little snack store on campus), and they brought me with them. Then they all kept trying to buy me water, popsicles, fresh fruit, and anything else the sold. I kept having to say I wasn’t hungry/thirsty but thank you and such. This blew me away, I obviously had more money then they did (not to be rude but it’s true) and yet they were willing to give me their money. It reminded me of the story of when the woman with a penny gave it to the temple and was considered more generous because she gave all she had. It really convicted me to be more compassionate and not let my own emotions get in the way of me showing Christ’s love.
-Lydia Britten, a sophomore at Clark High School


This trip has been so different than any others I have attend. Most times in the trips, I’m not able to see the results of my labor. This can make things very frustrating and make your work seem pointless. However, on this trip I was able to see the fruits and how things such as painting the church can make a world of difference to the community. Throughout this trip God has really put on my heart to be more focused on him and not the stuff of the world. The materialistic things are temporary and the kingdom of God is forever. This was very visible in Honduras. The little kids were filled with so much joy but they had hardly any material objects. This inspires me to put my focus where it belongs.
-Emily Masters, a junior at Wylie Prep


This week I learned how to make balloon dogs and paint faces and mix concrete and understand a bit of Spanish. And through each of those things, Honduras has humbled me. God has shown me that my world is small and that I take my privilege for granted and get so caught up in the things that don’t matter much. God has shown me that for Him to use me, I don’t need to attain perfection. I just need to humble myself and listen. Coming away from Honduras and enjoying the community developed and the time spent here, I hope that God reminds me that he has given me much and expects much from me, and that to work in his will I need only to humble myself and trust him to work through me.
-Christian Ratcliff, a junior at SMU


Through out our time in Honduras, we have seen a lot of poverty. We have seen people who don’t have a lot of food, or are living in very bad conditions. When I see that their physical needs aren’t being met, I have a lot of empathy for them and feel a deep desire to help them. Today when we were installing pillas, the Lord was revealing to me that there are a lot of people back home that are living in spiritual poverty. They are in desperate need for the truth of the gospel, and yet I am not burdened for them in the same way. As I leave Honduras, I am asking the Lord to give me eyes to see the spiritual poverty around me, and that I would be burdened for them in a way that would move me to action.
-Liz Wilson

Tonight as we debriefed we spent time talking through burdens and frustrations we are feeling as we get ready to come home. This was a really good conversation that helped us continue processing what we’ve experienced and talk through next steps of obedience that the Spirit is impressing on us to take immediately after we get home. Pray for us as we head home tomorrow, asking the Spirit to seal up what He’s shown us this week and empower us to keep walking in step with Him as we enter back into our daily lives.

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