Hello friends and fam back in the US!
We’re wrapping up another day in Honduras and wanted to share some stories of what we’re experiencing and what the Lord is teaching us about Himself, His Kingdom and our roles as citizens in His Kingdom. Check them out!

Today we did manual labor at Promise Home. Part of the team I was working with was painting the Promise Home Church. This was really good because we got to be part of making the church look beautiful. What I learned from today is that when we’re here on mission with our God, we do everything and we put all our effort into it; but when we’re back at home we are really distracted by everything around us. For example when I’m at school I just think about grades and what people think about me. Then when I get home I think about what I’m going to do later. Lately my parent have been putting on the Bible in the morning while we’re on our way to school and after we pray. We’ve also starting praying together at night. I’m looking forward to continuing to do this and grow in my relationship with God this week and when I get home.
-Angelo Valdivia, a sophomore at International Leadership Texas

This week I’ve felt what raw, honest worship feels like. Standing in the church service on Sunday, watching the people of Honduras belt out their praises was so refreshing. In America, we’re so reserved and we often hold back when it comes to worship. I guess sometimes we look at it as more of a show to watch than an offering to the Lord we all take part in. But here, I could barely hear the ladies leading the songs on the microphones because the congregation was singing so loud and passionately. It was breathtaking. Especially because we sang a couple hymns that I recognized, and I was able to sing in English while also hearing the Spanish words. There was a bridge to one of the songs where it just said, “Hallelujah, Gloria hallelujah.” And I remembered that hallelujah is the word that means the same thing in every language: “Praise the Lord”. It’s so awesome to see God’s people coming together and just basking in his presence. God’s heart is so visible in Honduras.
-Marlee Melbert, a freshman at Wylie Prep


Getting to work at the Promise Home Church was such a challenging and eye-opening experience! We all worked together to paint the entire church and even got to make the tortillas that we ate for lunch. My favorite part of the day was sitting with Ramon, a little boy at the orphanage, and playing with only a piece of string from my bracelet. Seeing him have so much fun and being entertained with something as simple as a piece of string reminds me of how grateful I am for the blessings God has given me every day.

-Meredith Freeman, a junior at JJ Pearce

Today we went to Promise Home and I thought it was so cool that we got to be a part of upgrading the whole church by painting it. It’s so cool to think how this will serve and bless the church members. We upgraded the place because this is an opportunity God gave for us to serve Him and spread His Word. People that go to that church go seeking the word of Jesús and to grow in their understanding of the word of God. I was so happy when everything was nicer and painted at the end of the day. We painted it because we are family to them and we love Honduras.
-Alex Texta, a sophomore at International Leadership Texas

Working at Promise Home Orphanage and church today was a hard day full of labor, but all these tangible items showed us a picture of the kingdom. We even were able to help make homemade tortillas, which were delicious. From the joy of the kids at the orphanage to the beautiful sunset on the top of the hill, we had an amazing day.
-Alisa Wyant, a junior at JJ Pearce

It was a gift to get to watch the sunset from Promise Home and be reminded of God’s majesty and beauty. In our debrief time tonight, we continued unpacking the kingdom of God and how we’re seeing it more vividly at work among us here than we do in our daily lives. We spent some time praying through what barriers are keeping us from walking in the fullness of God. Our wheels are turning and we are praying for the Spirit to continue bringing conviction and transformation in our hearts and lives!