Serve Europe: Schools & Parks
Jul 2019 1:40 PM

Serve Europe: Schools & Parks

Jul 2019 1:40 PM
Jul 2019 1:40 PM

Tuesday has wrapped up on this side of the pond and, wow, what a day it has been! Our York and Middlesbrough teams spent their first full days in schools doing ministry. For some of the team, this looked like getting to hang out and befriend students. For others, this included getting to lead a Religious Education class and have apologetics conversations. Across the board, the England crew got to begin building relationships in the schools, which was such a joy!

Meanwhile in Spain, the team got to meet many new friends in Salt, a town about 15 minutes away from Girona that is full of many people from Northern Africa and South America. They ended up getting to share the story of creation with the kids, which was really cool! This afternoon met the team with a big rain storm, so they got some down time and got to hang out with the missionary partners’ daughters. Then they got to go to the park in Giron to play games, sing songs, and color with chalk. A good number of people they met the day before came back and they got to continue building relationships.

Hear more from the perspectives of some students serving on these teams!

God is Moving!

Going into this week was daunting as we knew that less than .01% of the population is Christian. It left us fully relying on what the Lord had planned and expectant to see him move, and he has done that. He has worked here in such incredibly rich ways that all we can do is praise God and worship him in total surrender. He has truly shown us who he is- that he is faithful and always more than we think he is.

Our time spent here has been equal parts heartbreaking and amazing. The cities of Salt and Girona are truly beautiful yet so broken and lost. This place has really opened our eyes to God’s heart for prayer. As we debriefed tonight after a fun day, Brianne brought to our attention all the prayers that God has so quickly and tangibly answered, and we sat in awe recounting all that He had done. Due to the fact that we did not know what to expect coming into this trip, we really have been approaching God’s throne of grace with confidence and boldly praying, and God has listened so faithfully. Today as some of us were prayer walking, we passed a girl named Valentina and her mother, and in that very moment Kate prayed for them to come to our park ministry, and God brought them to us! We had prayed for a family that we had met yesterday to come back today, and they were there! We prayed for more kids to come to our park ministry, and many more were there today! There are so many more examples of how God has just been faithfully walking beside us and blessing us, these are just a few. All that he has done is so amazing and we are so grateful.

Please continue praying for more relationships to be built and for hearts to be softened and eyes opened to see that Jesus is Lord. I have a few prayer request as we continue on for the rest of the week:

-Pray for opportunities to share the gospel and that hearts would be opened to receive it

-Pray for the Parnell family and their ministry and ministry partners that He would bless them and be with them

-Pray for energy for our team

-Pray for the families we have met and children we will continue to meet, that we would be able to plant seeds of the gospel

Thank you for all of your prayers and love and support!

-Elle Soderberg, a rising junior


Yesterday we got to go into the Vale of York school in England. We got to have so much fun with the students playing American sports and just getting to hang out with the students. We also got to lead small groups in Religious Education and it was really fruitful. In my group we had some really good gospel conversation and I got to share the three circles with my small group. They all were very interested in what I had to say about Jesus and our salvation through Him. Join us in praying for another fruitful day within the schools for today and Thursday.

-Sam Ruby, a rising junior

Praise be to God for all He is and all He is doing in these places and in our hearts! Thank you for praying with us. Join us in continuing to ask God to move in ways bigger than we can ask or imagine.

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