Engage Honduras: Without Borders
Mar 2017 10:58 AM

Engage Honduras: Without Borders

Mar 2017 10:58 AM
Mar 2017 10:58 AM

Today was our first team’s last full day in Honduras. We started off the morning dividing into two teams to minister in a neighborhood. One team installed a pila, an outdoor sink, at a family’s home while the other walked around to visit family’s and give them rice and beans and pray with them. Once the first team finished the pila, the teams swapped roles. The Lord’s presence was evident through our time ministering to these families. It was incredible to watch God open doors for the gospel in these families as our teams worked today. We’re expectant for how God is going to continue to move in the lives of these families. We spent the afternoon at the beach, enjoying the Lord and this team and celebrating all that the Lord has done this week. As a part of this, two team members got baptized!! Our very own Bill Ferrell baptized Kevin and Allison Sievert, which was an awesome celebration of the transforming power of the gospel! It was a great way to close out our week here together. Read below to hear what God’s been teaching a few students this week–

Today was a really eye-opening day as we got to install pilas at families homes and pray for them. This week God showed me my calling more clearly, that I am an ambassador of Christ. He has laid so much stuff on my heart. Before this trip, I would go on my own path rather than God’s path for my life. Even though my life has been filled with trials, I still give the glory to God no matter what.”
Alison Pickering, sophomore at Wylie Preparatory Academy

This week I really enjoyed spending time with the kids. I loved seeing how the kids were so happy to be around people they didn’t know and wanted to build relationships with us. It was eye opening to see their love for us and the kids around them. I really loved how the kids didn’t care what others thought of them and how they were so open and receptive to what we had to say. No matter where we were the kids were so happy and content with what they had. I am asking God to teach me to live with that same contentment and joy.”
Alisa Williams, freshman at Wylie Preparatory Academy

This week I learned that God has no language barrier. Even though I didn’t understand about 95% of what those kids were saying, and I’m sure my spanish isn’t the best, I was still able to communicate with them and play soccer and football americano. I learned through my time here that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or how much water you drink, God will always find a way to use you to spread his name.”
Ethan Johnson, freshman at Williams High School

Alison Pickering & Natalie Collyar at a home visit
Our team mixing concrete for pila installation
Our team with finished pila and new owners!
Bill Ferrell baptizing Kevin & Allison Sievert at Tela Beach

The Lord has used this trip to challenge us, push us out of our comfort zones and draw us closer to Himself. The Lord has taught us so much about our identity in Him and living as ambassadors of the gospel this week. We are praying that His Spirit will continue to guide us and teach us from all that He’s shown us this week. Team 1 is excited to head back to the US of A tomorrow and Team 2 is so pumped to come down to Honduras! Stay tuned for more updates!

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