Engage Honduras: Passing the Baton
Mar 2017 10:00 AM

Engage Honduras: Passing the Baton

Mar 2017 10:00 AM
Mar 2017 10:00 AM
Our team praying at Promise Home Orphanage.

Today we said, “Adios!” to team one and, “Hola!” to team two! It’s been an exciting day, indeed. Team two landed around 1pm and team one got to wave to them from their gate as they disembarked their plane. It was a very cool moment of seeing the bigger picture of the Kingdom in action. Once team two finally made it through a very long customs line, we all went to eat lunch and then drop our bags off at our hotel. After that, we headed up to Promise Home to get a tour. We got to spend timing meeting and loving on the babies, while also learning more about Promise Home and what God is doing in this community. As we toured, we got to watch a beautiful sunset and pray over the coming week full of ministry. Read below to hear what God has impressed on the hearts of some students in our first day here–

Today we arrived in Honduras and I learned about how we, in a first world country, need to realize and respect the cultures and the things that the people of other countries go through. Most of us are confined in a little bubble and, what we consider bad problems in our lives may be nothing compared to the lives of people and countries like Honduras. So we need to trust God to help us say the right things and touch peoples hearts to help them realize that everyone on the earth is broken and we desperately need Him.
Treyson West, freshman at Lake Highlands High School

First day in Honduras was a success!! I’m grateful that God give me the blessing of realizing some intense things. Living in America I think sometimes can be blinding to us and we start living in our bubble and forget that there’s a whole world around us. On our way to our hotel we saw many things–from a man with many logs in his head while riding a bicycle to people living in half built homes made out of palm trees. We take so many things for granted. Once we made a trip to Promise Home, I got to hear stories about these babies who have gone through so much and still have the biggest, most-heartwarming smiles on their faces. Before going on this trip, I asked God to open up my heart and give me a different, more open-minded perspective of life. This is only the beginning and I can’t be more excited excited to see what God has in store for everyone!
Cindy Rojas, senior at Naaman Forest High School

After months of prayer and mentally preparing myself, I was able to walk into this trip with full confidence and ease. By believing God had and was continuing to prepare me in all aspects for my first mission trip out of the country, I was relieved of any fears or concerns about this trip. This all changed quickly however, when just in the first day being here, I was already exposed to multiple barriers including language, culture and personal relations. From the difficulty of ordering in the mall food court, to seeing the poverty on the streets, and being taught extreme Honduras do’s and don’ts, I started to doubt my preparation and abilities for this trip. The doubts and fears only grew, extending to the point of confusion and questioning God of his work I thought He had done to prepare me for this trip. But then while discussing in our debrief, I was reminded of the significance of vulnerability and weakness. Being reminded of 2 Corinthians 12:9, I was able to accept my fears and disabilities because in my insecurities and doubts, His glory and power is made evident. And while today was difficult and trying, The Lord remains faithful by opening my eyes and revealing Himself in a way I have never experienced before, and I am beyond grateful.
Cameron May, freshman at Trinity Christian Academy

Madi Bradley holding a duck at Promise Home.
Alex at Promise Home.
Our team hanging at the fish hatchery.
First team photo in Honduras.

Tomorrow we get to run children’s church at Promise Home Church and then we will get to do rice and beans ministry and finish up our night joining Promise Home Church at their sixth anniversary church service. We are so excited to hit the ground running! Join us in praying for Christ’s power to be made perfect in our weakness and for the Lord to use us how He desires to glorify Himself. We’re asking Him to soften our hearts and stir our affections for Him.

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