Engage Honduras: Fish and Trails, Rice and Beans
Mar 2017 10:54 AM

Engage Honduras: Fish and Trails, Rice and Beans

Mar 2017 10:54 AM
Mar 2017 10:54 AM

It was another great day in Honduras! We got to put on another Vacation Bible School Program at a school in Toyos this morning. The kids were so fun and it was a great time of getting to share the love of Christ with them. This afternoon we had a few different things going on–a few people helped transport fish at the tilapia farm, other continued working on creating the trail and the rest of us played with kids at after School Club. Then to finish out our day, our team split into three teams and went to homes in different parts of the village to bring them a gift of rice and beans and to share our stories and pray with them. Read below to hear some stories from today!

We started out the day today hosting a vbs at a school near Promise Home and the kids at this school were so very respectful. I was a part of the story group and had many opportunities to talk to the children. Seeing all the children participating in the story and songs and really enjoying our company just makes me more appreciate my teachers and leaders in my life who help me learn and show me the right path. After lunch today we went back to Promise Home and ate lunch which was immediately followed by working on building the trail and the after school program and then the beans and rice ministry. Working on the trail proved a challenge, but was a challenge we as a team were able to overcome by combining communication with physical labor and helpful direction. Working on the trail proved how teamwork is a necessity in this world because without someone to “have your back” or provide direction you will not be able to finish the task at hand. Teamwork makes the dream work and being on God’s team will provide peace and love in your life. The beans and rice ministry was very eye opening to see how a bag of rice and beans and a prayer can give a person hope and motivation to keep on praising God and living your life for Him. Overall the day was very productive and I may have learned more from the people I witnessed today than they learned from me.
Ryan Scott, junior at Plano Senior High School

Today we did VBS at another school and I noticed that I connected more with the kids. I could see the joy in their eyes from just being around us and even smiling at us. After sharing our love with the kids at the school, we went back to the Promise Home Church to do the after school activities. The kids there were so full of energy and so joyful and loving towards us. My favorite part of the day however, was the rice and bean ministry. We got to share our love, our stories, and God’s love to families in the villages around promise home. The families were so open to the love and the message we had to share, which showed me how powerful God’s love is for everyone.”
Jordan Lieou, freshman at Allen High School

Salutations my fellow Texans! Today we got to go to a local school and spread joy and the gospel with all of the kids. I was so astonished at how grateful all the kids were for us to simply play with them. Later today we went back to Promise Home orphanage and I helped move tilapia at the tilapia farm from one pond to another. After that, I helped the team work on building the trail for a while. Finally, our team split into three teams and went off to different parts of the village. We went to families house to give them rice and beans and pray for them. The villagers were so grateful that we actually prayed WITH them, instead of just saying we would pray for them because they could actually see us do it. Over the course of this week I have felt God reaching out to me and telling me to get out of my comfort zone to spread the gospel, even if it means taking a risk.”
Brian Grayson, freshman at McMillan High School

Madi Mullens and sweet little girl at a home visit
Grover Pickering & Ryan Scott building trail
Allison Sievert & Natalie Russell playing with children at a school
Jordan Lieou and little girl at a school
Our team helping at the fish hatchery at Promise Home
Play time at school

The Lord is so good and He’s continuing to make His goodness evident to us as this week unfolds. Tonight as we debriefed, we spent a lot of time unpacking what distracts us from living on mission. The Lord revealed to us that the enemy wants to attack our identity and make us choose comfort over Christ more often than not. We are experiencing some of those attacks as we walk through this week. Please join us in praying against distractions from the enemy. We want the Spirit to give us eyes to see, ears to hear and minds to know Him so that we don’t miss what He wants to do in us and through us, here in Honduras and when we return home.

Tomorrow is our last full day here. Be praying for our team as we go to homesto install pilas (outdoor sinks). We are expectant and excited for this last day in Honduras!

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