Engage Honduras: Empty, Yet Full
Mar 2017 11:02 AM

Engage Honduras: Empty, Yet Full

Mar 2017 11:02 AM
Mar 2017 11:02 AM

What a full first day team 2 had!! We got to run children’s church this morning at Promise Home Church. During children’s church we got to sing songs, share our stories, act out the story of Noah, do a craft and play. We did lots of playing and loving on these sweet kiddos. After children’s church, we ate lunch and then spread out into the community to do rice and beans ministry. We got to meet families, give them a gift of rice and beans, share our stories with them and pray with them. This was an incredibly eye-opening experience. The Spirit was so evident in these moments, guiding us into what to say and teaching us new things about the Father. After rice and beans ministry, we got to spend time loving on the babies at Promise Home Orphanage. Then we got to join in the 6th anniversary celebration of Promise Home Church. It was a full day, but oh so good. Check out these student’s stories from today–

God granted me the blessing to see a new perspective today. Today we got to visit homes and families who live in poverty, but carried the most joy. Poverty doesn’t define your happiness or faith in God. The confidence and trust they had for God has me in awe. A man today said ‘I’m rich and wealthy in Gods word and love.’ They don’t think materialistically. These people have full hearts and we’re offering to give and do things even in their circumstances. Overall I think these first 2 days have been a humbling experience and my heart is open for much more God has to offer.
Emily Molina, junior at North Garland High School

Today we got to participate in one of the most eye opening experiences. We went to the homes around the Promise Home Church to talk to the families and pray for them and share our testimonies. Seeing how their houses were made of dirt floors, blanket walls, and scrap metal roofs was very surreal and shocking. I was reminded of the blessings we have in America and how truly grateful I am for everything I have. Every single one of the kids we met today were filled up with SO MUCH joy and would run up and give everyone a hug with a big smile on their faces as soon as they saw us. These families have so little, yet they have so much joy in their hearts. It has truly been life-changing realizing that there is a world that God is working in outside of our personal lives and that we take so much for granted. Also, being a part of worshiping in a different language revealed to me God’s true purpose and why I am here in Honduras. Despite the differences we have with the families and children here, we all have the same God. I am so thankful for that and to have the opportunity to share His love with these people.
Allyson Goldsberry, senior at Naaman Forest High School

Today we got to experience so many things. So many things that I thought I would never get to experience. We got to run the children’s church this morning and those kids just loved getting to see our faces. They had huge smiles even though things were rough at home. I definitely realized that I take so many things forgranted and some of the time I’m still not happy. We also did rice and bean ministry, going through the small neighborhoods. Getting to give the grace and gift of food and God’s Word was so amazing. To end the day we got to attend the 6th yr anniversary church service. It was cool to see a different way church takes place. We get so used to the routine and flow of our church that it was a reminder for me that church is run differently all across the world, but we are still all praising for the glory and joy of the same God. I am so excited for tomorrow and what God is doing through us here in Honduras!
Alisa Wyant, Sophomore at JJ Pearce High School

Our team traveling to home visits.
Children’s Church at Promise Home Church.
Tino Charuma with some girls at Children’s Church.
Madi Bradley at Children’s Church.
6th Anniversary Service at Promise Home Church.

We are seeing God answer our prayers and experiencing Him in new ways. It’s so fun to watch students have lightbulb moments about God and His Kingdom! Tomorrow we are running a VBS in the morning and then working on continuing to build the trail that team one started last week. Join us in praying for God to keep softening our hearts and making us receptive to His Spirit!

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