The Month of Prayer is a focus on prayer for Heights' events and ministries in June of 2021. Each week and weekend service will have a specific focus of prayer. The church will pray corporately in each weekend service and also pray weekly with resources for during the week.

Week of June 6 - VBS

Week of June 13 - Student Camp

Week of June 20 - Life Groups

Week of June 27 - Volunteers

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3 things to pray for VBS:

Pray for the salvation of kids as they hear the Gospel.

Pray that kids learn to rely on Jesus' power in every area of their lives.

Pray that volunteers are encouraged through VBS to continue to foster disciplship relationships with the kids.

3 things to pray for Student Camp:

Pray students would be awakened to the Gospel for the first time.

Pray that the Lord would bring fresh faces we can share Jesus with.

Pray that camp would be a launch point for dozens of discipling relationships.

Pray that your life group ...

... would be a place where everyone finds authentic community and Gospel relationships flourish.

... would equip and inspire Christ followers to wake the world up to Jesus.

... would contribute to making disciples who make disciples.

3 ways to pray for our volunteers:

Thank God for volunteers that serve the church every week.

Pray that all volunteers, no matter the role, would have a kingdom impact.

Pray that God would raise up more volunteers amongst our congregation. That everyone would find a place to use their time and talents.