Notes to accompany the 3 books authored by Craig Etheredge:

Leader Notes for Walk with God

Leader Notes for Reach Your World

Leader Notes for Invest in a Few

Helpful Videos

Even if you've led a discipleship group in another context (i.e. an R3 group), we highly suggest watching these videos to equip you to be a success understanding the vision, the format and the curriculum we are employing at The Heights.

Overview of the Vision and Goals of a Discipleship Group

Tips on Leading Your Group Meeting

Tips on Walk With God

Tips on Reach Your World

Tips on Invest in a Few


One of the most important aspects of leading your disciples well is how you finish.  We have found it critical to have a time of commissioning - a formalized time where the expectation for them to go and make their own disciples and disciple-makers is made clear.  You see Jesus do this with His disciples several times, including sending out the 72 (Luke 10:1-23), in the Upper Room (see John 17), and right before He ascends back to the Father (Matthew 28:19-20).

To help drive the point home, we have batons to give to your disciples.  We feel strongly that giving that tangible reminder (the baton) to your disciples will help them continue the movement.

As schedules allow, we also like to have one of the pastors come to your commissioning time.  To have a pastor come, please contact Chris Havard a few weeks in advance.

As you approach your final meeting, contact Lisa Cross to obtain your batons.

We hope these times of commissioning will be a normal occurrance for you for the rest of your life as you follow Jesus!