Jan 12 2:12 AM


Jan 12 2:12 AM
Jan 12 2:12 AM


Read John 15:1-17. Ask the Holy Spirit to highlight the things He is wanting to remind and/or reveal to you through today’s passage.



The power of God is not something that can be found apart from God. This is the major theme Jesus reminds us of in our reading. Yesterday we established our need to submit to the authority of Christ as Lord due to our inability to live in such a way that honors Him apart from the gracious help of the Holy Spirit. Today’s passage echoes a similar tone in our dependance yet reflects more deeply upon what it looks like to actually abide in Him.

Jesus begins this illustration with God the Father as the vinedresser (the one to train the vines to grow in the ways desired). Although, helping the branches of a vine to grow isn’t as simple as just pointing them to go one direction. It is an intimate, detailed pruning process that requires attention and discipline toward each branch. This stimulating process gives the vine’s branches the optimal opportunity to flourish.

Christ Himself is the vine. The branches are nothing apart from it. Without the vine, the branches would wither and waste away. But with the vine, the branches surge with life, fervor, and purpose. They bear fruit that was only capable of existing due to the vine’s power flowing through to each limb.

Have you ever considered just how marvelous this is? God the Father is tending to us. He is working in our lives through the loving act of conviction over the areas that don’t bring Him glory to sanctify us. He sees every detail of our seemly insignificant lives and cares enough for us to do what is necessary for us to flourish with great beauty. God the Son is our direct access to this wonderful life in abundance. And His Spirit flows in fantastic power in and through our lives to produce sweet fruits that are pleasing to Him.

If we wish to see God move in and through our lives, we have to remain connected to Him. Verse 12 gives us a clearer understanding of what kind of fruit God wants us to bear—love. A sacrificial love that points to the ultimate love of our Savior. God has chosen you and appointed you to love Him and love others with great zeal through the power of His Holy Spirit.



  1. Does your life bear fruit? What kind?
  2. How do you see God pruning/working in your life?
  3. Finish today’s devotional by asking the Holy Spirit to empower you today to love others as Christ first loved you.
  4. For further reading of the fruits of the Spirit, find Galatians 5:22-23

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