Wednesday nights from 6-7:30pm

XFactor is an uneXplainable eXperience that draws people in. This year at The Heights, our goal is to draw kids in by providing XFactor. Kids at The Heights and the Worship Ministry are linking arms to give kids more…more time, more fun, more time for fun!

Kids (Kindergarten-6th Grade) will:
-eXplode in worship with Ms. Angela (30 minutes),
-eXplore the Bible with Ms. Rhonda and Mr. Blake (30 minutes)
-enjoy eXtreme fun electives (puppets, dance, sign language, instruments, and more) to learn ways to use talents for Christ! (30 minutes)

Once your child is dropped off at the age-appropriate classroom, he/she will enter into a positive experience of learning and fun planned just for them.


Your preschooler will be encouraged to participate in opening activities such as building with blocks, coloring a picture, working a puzzle, preparing a pretend meal, or reading a book. The teacher will use these activities to reinforce each week’s biblical truth.


For 15 minutes, your child will get to release some energy on one of our age appropriate indoor playrooms  or outdoor playgrounds.


Snacks will be provided as well. Please inform your child’s teacher of any allergies during the drop-off process. Allergy Alert stickers are also available for your preschooler to wear.


When you pick up your child from class, the teacher will help gather your child’s belongings and art work. The teacher will check your receipt and your child’s nametag for a match before releasing your preschooler into your care.

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