The library is located on the second floor of the main Worship Center building, across from Kids at The Heights. To reach the library, take the stairway or the elevator near the Atrium area to the 2nd floor. Go down the steps and turn left.

SUNDAYS:  8:30AM – 11:15AM
WEDNESDAYS:  5:30PM – 7:00PM

Circulation Services provide church members the opportunity to check out materials for two weeks or more. For more information or to renew materials call the library at 972-238-7243 ext 278. You may leave a message. Your call will be returned upon request.

Electronic Card Catalog gives patrons access to materials in the collection by author, title and subject.

The Library Collection has been made possible by members of the church through the church budget and their memorials and gifts. The library houses and circulates more than 16,000 items, including Fiction, Non-Fiction, Bible Studies on CD, Books on CD, and DVDs.

Church History and Archives Collections on dedicated computer in the library.

The Library Reading Ministry is a ministry to the children attending the CDC at the Heights. On Library Day, each student is given a Bible verse card to take home. These verses correspond to the lesson that was learned from the story that day.

Library Selection Policy

The Library of The Heights Baptist Church affirms these guidelines to insure that the highest quality materials are provided to church members.

All materials are subject to approval by the library staff and church leadership with the library administrator carrying the major responsibility of selection.

  • Materials include printed media such as books, audiovisual media such as audio tapes, video tapes, CDs, DVDs, and multimedia kits.
  • All materials will be of sound doctrine and scriptural interpretation.
  • Titles related to religious groups and their belief should be objective in content.
  • Materials should nurture the believer, proclaim the gospel, and call us to minister and to worship the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The collection should be constructive in influence, morally sound, and support our belief in positive development of the individual and Christian lifestyles.
  • Personal lifetime concerns, such as family, marriage, childcare and rearing, discipline, characteristics and problems of aging, substance abuse, interpersonal relationships and personal improvement.
  • Leisure materials on recreation, sports, cooking, health, travel, gardening, hobbies and other special interests, such as fiction, poetry and the arts.
  • Educational materials in psychology, history, geography, biography, non-fiction and other areas.
  • Materials in print and electronic form, such as Biblical commentaries, lexicons, encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, and atlases.
  • Materials will be selected with the characteristics of our members in mind, which will determine our general collection choices: age, culture, locale, educational background, spiritual maturity, denominational background, special interests and needs.

Gift Policy

Gifts to the library are welcomed and encouraged. They are subject to approval by the library staff and church leadership. All designated funds are credited through the church financial office.

  • The most common and preferred gifts are monies for the purchase of new media or furnishings.
  • Tributes in the form of Memorial and Honor gifts are encouraged. The library will send letters of acknowledgement to the honoree and the donor.
  • The donor and library team may determine specific needs of the library regarding the choice of gift.
  • Gifts of equipment and furnishings are subject to approval by the library staff and church leaders.
  • All gifts of pre-owned materials to the library must meet the same standards as purchased items and must be in proper condition.
  • Donations, such as used books and other media, may be added to our collection, disbursed to mission locations or persons needing resources.
  • Unless specified, these donations will not be returned to the donor. No provisional gifts will be accepted.
  • The collection of The Heights Baptist Church is continually reviewed, and each item is evaluated as to its current value in meeting the needs of users.
  • Space must always be available to house quality media that will benefit our church ministries and members.
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