What is an R3 Group?

Our mission statement reads:

The Heights will make disciples by taking personal risks to bring the gospel to every relationship.

Fulfilling the Great Commission is the greatest way to glorify God and expand his kingdom.  Here at the Heights we assert that risk-takers become disciple-makers.  This means that disciples are made over time by little steps of obedience (which we call risks).  To encourage the saints to take risks and make disciples, we came up with R3.

An R3 Group is a group of 4-6 believers of the same gender who meet once every two weeks.  This group will challenge its members to not be simply hearers of the Word and to become doers of the Word as James 1:22-25 commands.  Each meeting, every member will be challenged to take a risk in 1 of the 3 major relationships: with God, other believers, and the lost (how R3 got its name).  These groups last 12-18 months, after which group members pair up and become leaders of new R3 Groups, raising up more disciples.

The Purpose of R3

What is an R3 Meeting like?

Become an R3 Leader

Our heart and prayer is that everyone who takes part in an R3 group would turn around and lead an R3 group for someone else.

If you are interested in becoming an R3 Leader, please email Mark Matthews.









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