Live on Mission

EngageThe mission of The Heights is that we would be taking personal risks to bring the gospel to every relationship.

When you first hear this mission statement, it may sound lofty and overwhelming. But, our strategy of doing three things (Worship, Bible Fellowships and R3 Groups), so that we can all go out and do one thing, (live on mission 24/7),  provides support and encouragement as we strive towards this mission.

We believe, that committing to this strategy will help you identify a personal ministry CROSSROAD. A CROSSROAD is a focused area of life, where you naturally spend a significant amount of time. Our hope is to see every Heights member, engaging in their CROSSROAD and leveraging opportunities to engage with those who need Christ.

When choosing a CROSSROAD, simply consider where you naturally spend your time.  Then begin to think of that time as a set apart opportunity to take risks by investing in others for the purpose of saturating your relationships with the gospel.   We believe that the CROSSROADs listed below, are a representation of where you most likely spend the majority of your time.

Consider identifying at least one of these areas, as a personal ministry CROSSROAD:

  • Where I Live
    initiating relationships with those that live around us.
  • Where I Work
    reaching out to those you interact with on a regular basis in your work environment.
  • My Kids World
    cultivating relationships with those involved in your children’s extracurriculars.
  • Park Central
    engaging with the families that live and work in an area south of The Heights, that is largely first generation, Hispanic-Americans.
  • UTD / International Students
    stepping out to serve the foreign students who are new to the United States and attending The University of Texas at Dallas campus.
  • Justice Works
    giving a voice to those who are marginalized in our community.

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