Making it “Crystal Clear” to KIDS

When a child is learning to swim, we don’t start them out in the deep end without a life preserver. Rather, we want them to begin blowing bubbles and kicking their feet first. They learn one thing at a time. The same is true of a child learning about what Jesus has done for them. We begin to teach them one thing at a time. We introduce them to God’s love and Jesus’ sacrifice. If there is one thing that we want them to be crystal clear about, it is the topic of their faith.

As a parent there are so many incredible life moments that you want to make sure you “get right”. The KIDS Ministry at The Heights is dedicated to helping you as a parent discern where your child is in their faith. Every child that wants to be baptized at The Heights will have the opportunity to sit down with one of our KIDS Ministers prior to baptism to discuss salvation and baptism. We want them to be able to understand and verbalize their faith.  We want every child to have a safe place to ask questions and find answers about God, Jesus, sin, Heaven, etc.

If your child is ready to discuss salvation and/or baptism, please contact to set an appointment.  Baptism dates and times are discussed after meeting with our Children’s Minister.

Once your child is dropped off at the age-appropriate classroom, he/she will enter into a positive experience of learning and fun planned just for them.


Your preschooler will be encouraged to participate in opening activities such as building with blocks, coloring a picture, working a puzzle, preparing a pretend meal, or reading a book. The teacher will use these activities to reinforce each week’s biblical truth.


For 15 minutes, your child will get to release some energy on one of our age appropriate indoor playrooms  or outdoor playgrounds.


Snacks will be provided as well. Please inform your child’s teacher of any allergies during the drop-off process. Allergy Alert stickers are also available for your preschooler to wear.


When you pick up your child from class, the teacher will help gather your child’s belongings and art work. The teacher will check your receipt and your child’s nametag for a match before releasing your preschooler into your care.

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