Fall 2017

The Faith Journey Called Jobsearch, a workshop for jobseekers, will be held on in the Fall 2017 (dates to be announced soon).  This free event is open to the community and targets those who are unemployed, underemployed, nervously employed or planning to be better prepared for their next job transition.

Registration will open in early fall. If you have any questions, please email  jobseekers@theheights.org, or call 214-536-8111 and a member of the JobSeeker’s Ministry Team will contact you.  

KLTY – DFW Perspective featuring JobSeekers at The Heights [AUDIO only]:

This AUDIO podcast was originally previewing the workshop in March 2015


What the Ministry can do for you:

  • Pray for you and provide encouragement if you add your name to the JobSeekers’ Prayer List.
  • Contact you to answer any questions you may have regarding your search.
  • Provide ongoing communication regarding events in the community that can help in your search.
  • Free access to Crossroads Career Network! This Christian based job seeker portal offers a vast amount of resources and tools.
  • Free JobSeekers Workshops held twice a year.

What you can do for yourself:

  • Sign up for Crossroads Career Network and utilize their free tools to help you organize your job search.
  • Tell us how you’re doing. We want to know if we have helped you find a new position as well as any other feedback you may provide.
  • Send your name, address, phone number and email address to jobseekers@theheights.org.  This will add you to the JobSeekers’ Prayer List.

Crossroads Career Network:

This online portal has a tremendous amount of tools and resources for job seekers and we are now offering this free of charge!

To sign up, just go out to the web site www.crossroadscareer.org, click “Join” in the center bottom. This opens a “sign up” page. Click “Explorer” to open the registration page. Complete the information required, choosing “The Heights Baptist Church” as the Affiliated Group. Once registered the JSM team encourages you to spend some time exploring the Crossroads Career Network website to familiarize yourself with the resources located there.

That’s it! You can now take full advantage of this Christian based online job seeker portal. I trust that you will find it useful and helpful in your search.


This website (www.careerdfw.org) lists all available resources and tools for your job search, including weekly networking groups for the DFW area.

The Heights Library:

Visit the library at The Heights for books and resources.