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Join us in daily prayer! Only God moves mountains, but prayer moves God.  Let’s be a people of prayer.  We are launching a 24 hour prayer chain during this time of quarantine due to COVID-19.

On August 27, 1727, twenty-four men and twenty-four women agreed to spend an hour each day in scheduled prayer, covering all twenty-four hours in the day, seven days a week. On this day the Moravian Prayer Ministry was birthed.  This idea soon grew, and the practice of continual prayer went on non-stop for more than one hundred years.

During this time we feel called to heed the example of the Moravians and begin a 24 prayer chain that will run continuously during this season. We are asking you to sign up for 1 hour (or more) each week and pray wherever you are. Each week, you will dedicate your scheduled hour to prayer.

We encourage you to pray for the following as we, together, walk through this unprecedented time:
  • Local, City, State and National Leaders.
  • Educators and administrators.
  • Church Leaders – Your staff leadership.
  • Those families affected with the COVID-19 virus.
  • God will bring an end to the spread of this virus.
  • Church would rise up and shine bright.
  • Your Neighborhood.
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