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2019 End of Year Giving

We are asking if you would pray about giving a one time gift above and beyond your normal giving to what we are calling “End of Year Giving.”


This end of the year gift will focus on three specific areas of need:


  • The first place is in the building – specifically our continuing Forward Building Initiative.  Forward has allowed us (and continues) to build and update worship spaces for those in our church as well as those not here yet. If you’ve been giving, please keep giving (select “forward” in the giving dropdown).  If you haven’t given or don’t know what we’re talking about, but want to be involved/get more information – check in with [slash] forward. Some of the projects have been completed already, but there are more we are working towards (interior & exterior signage, more AV upgrades in this room like lighting, cameras, center video screen).
  • The second area is in the community – this is the benevolence portion of the offering and it really helps us as a church meet the tangible needs of those less fortunate in our church and in our community.
  • The final area is the world – One in every 10 verses in the Bible speaks of the poor. This focus of the offering is specifically for mission trips in Honduras, England, and Spain. These are places that we are serving those in the world affected by difficulties and poverty.


  • To give to the End of Year Giving select “End of Year Giving (Building/Community/World)” inside of Push Pay.  Or you can give on a Sunday morning by writing EOY Giving on your check or envelope’s memo line.


We use a service called PushPay to handle our online giving. If you already have an account, click the button below.


If you don’t already have an account, set one up on your desktop or by downloading the mobile app.


For questions, call Elaine Esparza at 972-238-7243 ext 234.

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