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Note from Co-Chairman

Note from Co-Chair


When you’re born a preacher’s kid you quickly learn that you go to church every time the doors are open. Period. Sunday morning. Sunday night. Wednesday night. And all the Specials in between. Thankfully, when the church is The Heights, and your parents are amazing examples of God’s grace, and your wife senses God’s will to join the church you grew up in, and your faith grows into adulthood… then you begin to see how God has always planned this for you. Add three children to the mix and witness their growth into Christ-following adults due to the impact of The Heights. Suddenly, you’re in awe of three generations of a family blessed by one church and one gracious Savior.

I say all of that to reflect on two things. First – Gratitude. I am deeply thankful for God’s life-long blessing through The Heights. The blessing is rich and perfect – far beyond what I can ever give back. God’s love, my family, and our church are woven together like a quilt that tells the story of my life.

Second – Opportunity. 2018 is the greatest time in history to be at The Heights. Our community is redefining itself at an incredible pace. But there’s never been more distraction and greater competition for a family’s time. I believe the Forward Initiative is God’s challenge to show our busy community that we are a compelling place of rest and worship. He is calling us to be relevant and build relationships and bring revival. He’s calling us to show families that The Heights is a place for generations to come. ~ David


Potential Projects

MISSIONS ($500,000)


Jr High Meeting Space
Brick Facelift

Next Step Room
Sound Booth
Cameras and AVL

Video Projection
Recording Capabilities
Audio and Lighting

Internet Updates
Covered Walkway to Gym
Signage (External and Internal)
Handicap access improvements (Ramp, Doors, Parking)

FORWARD GOAL = $5,500,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the money be used?
The first $500,000 will go to fund Mission Opportunities. Other money will be used to create Compelling Environments.

What are the compelling environment projects?
They consist of Children/Preschool and West Wing as the top priority. Next in line would be Student Ministry updates and then Worship Center, Chapel and other upgrades as funds allow.

What will be the financial goal of the Forward Initiative?
$5,500,000 to be given in total over a 3-year period.

Will these projects put the church back into long term debt?
No, the church will not spend more than is committed during the initiative. A short-term line of credit will be used if needed during the 3-year period.

What is the timeframe of the Forward Initiative?
Roll out to church and pledges took place from February to May of 2018. Commitment Day was April 29, 2018. Pledges to be paid out over 3 years beginning in June of 2018.

When is the earliest that work would commence?
Summer of 2018

If you would like to give to the Forward Initiative, you can do so through our secure service with Pushpay.

Contact Bill Ferrell at bferrell@theheights.org or 972-238-7243

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