INFUSE: Read, Reflect, Respond

This year, we want to invite you to “Enter the Story” of God.
Throughout the Bible, we see God using ordinary people in extraordinary ways. Beginning with Genesis, our INFUSE readings will take us through the Old Testament and introduce us to these men and women from long ago. As you read these passages, ask yourself, “Where am I in this unfolding story of God?” God wants you to be apart of the greatest story ever told, but remember, He does not stop there. You and I are given the great opportunity to help others “Enter the Story” by sharing the gospel.

We have daily devotionals you can read:

Our desire is for you to experience spiritual transformation, and we believe the best way for that to occur is through God’s Word.

We would love to hear stories that are coming out of the INFUSE Daily Devotionals!  Please take a few minutes and email ( what God has taught you or done in your life over the past few weeks of letting “the word of Christ dwell in you richly.”

Thank you for making it a priority to INFUSE God’s Word into your life! We believe this investment will help us resolve to worship daily, to grow deeper, to serve others, and to share Jesus.