Bible Study Videos

Access 3,500 Bible Study Videos

The Heights cares about your spiritual growth and the growth of your family.  We want to provide you access to a great resource library of over 3,500 quality videos.  It’s essentially Netflix for Bible Studies. You will discover video based bible studies and fantastic video content from experts such as Andy Stanley, Mark Driscoll, Gary Thomas, Tim Kimmel, Dave Ramsey in the areas of marriage, parenting, finances and spiritual growth.  All the content can be accessed from a phone, tablet, computer or television.


Videos for Kids

This resource also has wonderful videos for guiding and encouraging children.

Don’t have a Login?

Currently The Heights is providing this resource to church members through our Adult Bible Fellowships.  If you did not receive an email with login information (as of February 16, 2014), you can contact Judy Elkins at to find out more.


What Heights Members are Saying about RightNow

I wanted to send a big thank you to The Heights for providing access to RightNowMedia. Our family has really enjoyed using this tool and we appreciate the initiative that went into bringing this to our church.  We have already used the site with our boys, who were thrilled to see all the children’s options.  It really was like a kid in a candy store.  “Pick one! No, really, I’m serious!” I loved the range from early preschool videos, like Boz the Green Bear, to the class favoriteVeggieTales for the older kids (and adults). There was even a bit of nostalgia from my own childhood seeing McGee & Me. Classic! And once our boys found out that you could access it from the iPad, it was the icing on the cake.  As a mom, I am so grateful for Christian media options for my little guys that I know is safe for them to watch, but that also teaches God like qualities to them.  We have also used it to build on what they have been learning during children’s hour at church.  One son who has been working on a “Fruit of the Spirit” curriculum at Bible study and asked if there were any videos on that.  We searched for it and Boom! There were at least 200 options of short videos for him to choose from.
For the big kids, aka my husband and I, we were excited to see a lot of options from Andy Stanley, including a short series on marriage. It gives us something to watch in the evenings after the little ones are in bed. Also beneficial are the parenting resources.  There are some great tools for parents with kiddos of all ages and topics such as teaching our children fiscal responsibility,dealing with a busy family and of course guiding them spiritually.
All that to say, this is a wonderful tool in and of itself, but even more awesome that we have it at our fingertips.
Thanks again for introducing this to our family!