Bible Reading Plans


Whether you’ve been participating with INFUSE for a few weeks or for the past 5 years, we want to say “Thanks!” for being faithful to read, reflect on, and risk with God’s Word.

As you know, we value Biblical authority and believe strongly that being a student of God’s Word and being on mission with Jesus go hand-in-hand.

At this point, we would like to pivot and offer 3 great options for you to pursue going forward:

  • (YouVersion) – contains hundreds of different reading plans covering various topics and lengths.
  • First15 – a multi-faceted personal worship tool from the son of Dr. Jim Denison, containing prayer, Bible reading, devotional thoughts, worship, and more.
  • Church at the Cross – a simple plan to dive into some Old Testament, some New Testament, and some from the Psalms each day.

Just like INFUSE did, each of these options offers the ability to enter your email address and receive an email each day.  Also, both and First15 have fantastic apps available.

We suggest spending some time investigating these options over the next few days (or even weeks) and determine which one is best for you as you move forward.

If you need any assistance getting going with these new options, please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking here or calling Stephanie (972.238.7243 x 3263).

Also, next year, we are excited to offer four Saturday seminars on How to Read and Understand the Bible.  If you’ve tried reading your Bible, but stumbled on really understanding it, these are for you.  We’d love nothing more than to teach you how to feast on God’s Word and provide the tools you need to be a success.  The first of these will be held on January 20th.

Finally, we want to reiterate how crucial it is to have a plan to read God’s Word, if you’re going to be a person who makes disciples by taking personal risks to bring the gospel to every relationship.

God Bless!


Taking personal risks to bring the gospel to every relationship.

This is what we are about.

Visit to read stories of individuals in our church doing just that.