Executive Staff 

The Heights in Spanish Staff 

All Staff Listing

  • Abel Vásquez Ministro de Adoración
  • Andrew Murphy Discipleship/Singles Pastor
  • Angela Irby
    Angela Irby Associate Worship Director
  • Ashlee Cobb Strategic Projects Manager
  • Bekah Russ
    Bekah Russ Women's Minister
  • Ben Purvis Associate Groups Pastor
  • Bill Ferrell
    Bill Ferrell Executive Pastor of Operations
  • Blake Hooten
    Blake Hooten Associate Kids Minister
  • Bo Behenna Student Pastor
  • Bobby Dennis
    Bobby Dennis Technical Director
  • Bruce Cargile
    Bruce Cargile Creekside Campus Pastor
  • Bryan Jones Teaching Pastor
  • Caitlin Murphy
    Caitlin Murphy Missions Project Manager
  • Channy Zechmann
    Channy Zechmann Kids Heights in Spanish Coordinator
  • Chris Havard Executive Pastor of Groups
  • Claudia Vergara
    Claudia Vergara Asistente Administrativo / Heights en Español
  • Dr. Miguel Lopez Pastor de Heights en Español
  • Elaine Esparza
    Elaine Esparza Financial Associate
  • Emilie McCally
    Emilie McCally CDC Director
  • Erica Duncan
    Erica Duncan Preschool Associate Minister
  • Holly Lieou
    Holly Lieou Accounts Payable / CDC Financial Assistant
  • Jill Wagnon
    Jill Wagnon Weddings & Church Hostess
  • Josh Miller
    Josh Miller Creative Arts Pastor
  • Juan Navarro
    Juan Navarro Associate Missions Pastor
  • Jud Hardage Worship Pastor
  • Judy Elkins
    Judy Elkins Groups Assistant and Membership
  • Kadri Walker
    Kadri Walker Kids Special Events Coordinator
  • Karen Cobern
    Karen Cobern Senior Pastor Assistant
  • Kathryn Prince
    Kathryn Prince Worship Admin Assistant
  • Laura Kohutek Preschool Admin Assistant
  • Marley Cosgrove
    Marley Cosgrove Kids Ministry Assistant
  • Melissa Lopez
    Melissa Lopez Kids Small Group Coordinator
  • Mike Palmer
    Mike Palmer Facilities Manager
  • Mollie Tyler Minister to Girls
  • Pablo Paredes Pastor Asociado de Heights en Español
  • Pam Nicholson Preschool Minister
  • Pam Plummer Missions Assistant
  • Pierce Vanderslice Associate Student Pastor
  • Rhonda Brittain Kids Minister
  • Richard Covington Missions Pastor
  • Robbie Sutton Senior Adult Minister
  • Russell McLaughlin
    Russell McLaughlin Media Production Director
  • Shelly Loving
    Shelly Loving Senior Adult Assistant
  • Stephanie Valderrama
    Stephanie Valderrama Groups Assistant
  • Suzanne McGlothlin
    Suzanne McGlothlin Pastoral and Guest Connections Assistant
  • Tana Dalton
    Tana Dalton Administrative Receptionist

Facilities Staff 

  • Mike Palmer
    Mike Palmer Facilities Manager

Communications Staff 

  • Bobby Dennis
    Bobby Dennis Technical Director
  • Russell McLaughlin
    Russell McLaughlin Media Production Director
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