What Are We About?

Pursue God and Connect Others to Him

How are we going to do that? Through these four directives…


When we engage in worship, we consciously offer our attention, thoughts and efforts to something or someone other than ourselves. We recognize that we are in the presence of greatness and we act accordingly. Whether through physical position, spoken word, written word, image or music, we desire to tell the object of our affection that we are in awe. As Christians, our worship focus is God the Father, His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. [Opportunities]


It’s been said that if you spend an hour a day on something consistently, you will master it. That is the idea behind “Grow.” We challenge ourselves to develop and mature in life. By surrounding ourselves with a group of people who desire to grow, the experience is tangible and more productive. Whether it is practicing consistent time reading the Bible, connecting on an intimate level with a small group of other believers, or regularly praying, the goal is to live healthy, thriving lives that “worship” God at The Heights, in our homes and wherever we may be. [Learn More]


At some point, we have all been blessed by giving to others with no expectation of anything in return. Serving is the way we remind ourselves to focus on others and live out the words of the Bible. Engaging in service broadens our understanding of the picture of the Body of Christ as a single functioning unit. It takes every one of us. [Get Started]


When you are actively worshiping God, you begin to grow. As you grow, you recognize the bigger picture of God’s plan for you, the Church and the world around you. In recognizing the big picture, you see where your gifts and abilities are needed through service. Then as you serve, you develop a sense of responsibility to share what you know. Sharing with family, friends and acquaintances becomes natural and you will find yourself eager to tell others of your life with God, through Jesus Christ. [What are we sharing?]